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 Here you will find most of the most relevant news that are going on right now in the League of Legends world, being about elo boosting or just about League in general as one of the most played games of all times, there are countless incredible situations worthy of news coverage every day, and we bring them right here to you.

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How 2015 changed the e-sport news in League of Legends.

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With the LCS, the League of Legends championship series our world, the League of Legends world has changed dramatically because now it has even more weight in terms of active users, fans as well as sponsors as some of the normal sports.

E-sports and especially League of Legends have heavily changed the way that we perceive and consume entertainment as well as how different companies (especially tech companies) have shifted their sponsoring efforts into such an ever growing community of skillful players trying their best to achieve greatness and becoming Pros in the sports to get the recognition that they deserve.

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Now we can see almost on a daily basis on most of the popular news outlets as well as magazines, etc. spots and coverage for the e-sports scene and not only for League of Legends as games like Dota 2 and CS:GO are huge right now bringing tons of stories for these blogs and news stations.

We strongly believe that within 2016 we will be seeing live broadcasts of the best matches as well as tournaments on live TV within the most popular channels, simply because of how many people are interested and actively playing; hopefully this will attract even more advertisers and will make e-sports and League of Legends grow as much as any other common sport.

Whenever we think of League of Legends news we think of the official news by Riot Games or popular websites like surrender@20, lolking and many more. People get their news for LoL from things like Reddit as well. League of legends news has a lot of niches within it, such as league of legends news that involves boosting, updates about the game, what new skins are going to come out. These things all have some form of merit and value since they are all important and part of the league ecosystem. If ranked play exists in any game so too will boosting. Boosting is the cornerstone of what League ranked play is. Riot showed data in 2015 which stated that about 3 in every 5 people get a boost at some point or another. They released this info to show that the amount of people being boosted was a little over half the player base and the people doing the boosts were the top 1% of players almost every time. When Riot released this new it sent shock waves throughout the entire league community.

Everyone not only on reddit but on other news outlets like surrender@20 and all the other top news sites were scrambling to get more data on it. That is one of the few instances in which we have that everyone was rushing to get the news out to the player base as fast as possible. Other moments are typically when Riot announces the end of season rewards news to see what new things they have in store this season for everyone. The way in which news comes to us not only in the league community but for every news source is through various ways now. It used to be only one main website and then it evolved into many outlets being able to provide everyone with quality news every single day. One thing that hasnt changed is the consistency of it, every news outlet is always consistent with the news they give.

The game is still small enough to where the news can be contained to small amounts and not diverge too far off the path outside of the game. Skins news websites are becoming ever more popular right now due to the mass amount of skins that are in the game, whenever you go out and look for skin pricing and aren’t able to access the game thats where these news sites come into play providing you all the information that you need to be kept up to date with the upcoming skins and what skins work best on what map. Then there are other news sites like surrender@20 where you can find a plethora of things from skins, to general in game news. For the most part what is generally kept on sites like that are updates to the game like champion balancing changes and many more things. Map changes and item changes are generally found on sites like that too.