Find Elo Boosters in OCE

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It might be tough to find the correct and a professional ELO BOOST in OCE servers because they are really scarce, and the ones that do exists you will find in forums advertising their service but you will soon find out that they are not the best out there and that you might even get scammed.

That’s why we advice you to just stick with an elo boosting website that has been around for a long time and that you know that nothing will go wrong when you get one of these services.

So the best OCE Elo Boosting website is:

Yes I’m talking about us, Elitist-Gaming, why? It’s simple, we’ve been in this business for years now and we know what we are doing, we know how to handle the customers and we especially know how to get nothing but the best boosters in the world.

There’s one thing which is very important that most people don’t understand.

Just being good a league of legends does not make you a good booster, being diamond 1 or challenger is not enough to be a great booster, and this is where the other companies fail to get the best of the best.

What does it take to be a good Elo Booster?

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To be a good exceptional booster you will have to actually play the game in a professional way, make sure that the customer is the happiest person ever and make sure that no matter what happens you always play it safe and you ensure the security and happiness of the customer at all times.

Logging from a VPN and things like that are measures that we take for granted, that is not a “feature” that we even mention because it’s obvious that it has to happen, maybe the customers do not know that and they think that other sites are really good because they don’t know what are the security measures that others use, trust me that those things, along with a system in which the booster isn’t aware of your login credentials, are super basic and should be in every single website that offers these services.

What REALLY matters when getting a booster:

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Meeting deadlines, playing consistently, COMMUNICATION is one thing that the elo boost professionals MUST have, there is nothing worse than being left clueless when someone has the control of your account and you don’t even know what to do at that point.

This is where other companies and individuals fail at being a good elo boosting pro, as I’ve said before being good isn’t something that cuts it anymore, you gotta treat it as a job and being extremely professional with it, being responsible for what happens with your account and making sure that the customer is always on the loop and happy are things that should come first.

It is hard to find a good one in OCE servers

So why this in OCE is relevant? Well it really comes down to the number of players, they are way less OCE players than in NA or any other server, which also means that there will be a much less number of boosters that will help you out, even some that will get you a boost for free.

Imagine this, for every 100 diamond 1 people that apply for a boosting job in our website, we might hire 1 if that. Because after an interview we know if they are really up for it or if they just want to play league of legends and make some money out of it.

This reflects a lot more in OCE because the number of boosters is much much lower than in any other server.