Win your Placement Matches

Securing your ranking once you reach your placement matches it super important considering that you will then move on to a higher division and you’ll also move to a higher league than the one you play, this is crucial for you to keep in mind because this will definitely change the way you queue with and against people.

win the placements to challenger

Make sure you win your Placement Matches

When you reach those placement matches it’s very important that they are won because like said before it will place you at a much higher ELO.

There is one problem though which is the fact that you won’t have any special assistance for these matches, they will be played with the same people that you’ve been playing before which makes this super hard to accomplish flawlessly given that they are the ones that have been dragging you down all this time and kept you in the dreadful ELO HELL.

We offer you an alternative, which is simply to boost just these games up, boost them like you would with a fast and secure elo division boost and don’t worry about your team-mates dragging you down again and not letting you advance and move on to a better division and league.

placement to the topSame rules as an Elo Boost

This boost works the same as a normal Elo Boost so keep in mind that you will run through basically the same procedure and you will also have the same benefits.

This however, will only work for your placement matches, if you have done 1 or 2 of them yourself and then you purchase this then we will only be able to complete the remaining 9-8 or however many you have left.

We do this to ensure that you move on to a higher and better division and league so that your MMR or LoL Rank is higher than what it was before and also securing you that precious badge.

Importance of getting your placement matches boosted:

This is a good way to make sure that you’ve grinded enough and you are ready to move on to the next Division but without the hassle of awful teammates not letting you move forward.

What you’ll get in this service:

You will also be able to spectate the games from a different account within the LoL client and you will learn how different our challenger or diamond 1 boosters play these placement matches which are very important to move on.

You’ll get to witness the difference because these games are super important and they don’t play them the same way as normal games to do an Elo Boost, while on the Elo Boost they perform in a way to maximize and optimize the games making them as shorter as possible, these placement matches are a bit different in a way that they’re played by securing wins no matter what happens.

Thank for reading and see you on the other side!