League of Legends Power Leveling

If you have a new smurf account or just a new account in general and you are looking to step right into the ranked action without having to endure the painful and endless grind of leveling your account then this is definitely for you. We’ll get you to level 30 in no time and along the way you’ll get a lot of IP so you can buy your favorite champions, runes, and anything in between. Don’t waste you time… we’ll carry you through.

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  • Leveling 1-30
  • No Requirements
  • Several Champions


  • Leveling 1-30
  • No Requirements
  • 2 hours of coaching included
  • More Champions Included

LoL Power Leveling:

Don’t spend the countless hours that it takes for you to reach level 30 and to reach the ranked games to start the real game, you can get someone to do this for you and it will only take a few days. power leveling lol accounts is a hassle that nobody wants to go through anymore.

League of legends is a grind game until you get to level 30. A level 30 powerlevel can be done self played or with us piloting meaning us playing the account for you.

We take account security very seriously here and ensure that no accounts will be compromised during the process. We also don’t use any third party software like other services do. We will never put your account in jeopardy and that is our number one guarantee here.

Most people don’t have the time to do this and that’s why they chose to buy accounts from someone else, because the grind to reach the max level is simply dreadful and way too long.

Our boosters will take your account and reach the maximum level in a matter of hours given that they will know how to accelerate every single game with insane win ratios. They have been doing power level in league for so long that they have it down to an art. Games are done and finish within 20 minutes every time making the process much faster than what it normally is if you were to do it manually.

power level your lol account
leveling as nocturne

Boost your LoL Account

Our boosters will take control of your account and start the leveling process right away; you will be able to spectate from another account just like if you were to get one of our renowned ELO BOOST in any region from your in game client.

This will also give you a feel for how the boosters play so that you can you can learn from them and take their builds and playstyles.

Use this to your advantage as its own private spectator stream. Optimizing your gameplay and skill is extremely important and it’s basically a free coaching session whenever the booster is around to do it.

You can ask them questions as to why they are building that way and doing certain things so you can apply this to your own gameplay and help you reach a higher division in the elo ladder.

Powerleveling in lol is the fast easy and cheap way to get a level 30 account with all the hassle.