Turkey Elo Boosting

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If you are a TR player in League of Legends then you might have encountered the aggravating state of the ranked solo queue matches in a way that no other regions has ever experienced.

The Elo ranges are the same as any other region however you might experience that the elo hell within TR is definitely something special, it’s something that not even in the Latin American servers happens.

Despite the nature of this there are many things that you have to consider when you play at those servers, first of all you must do it if you are from those regions simply because the latency is significantly greater in any other region.

Aside from that you will speak with players in the same language as you are which for communicating is really good.

turkey finals elo mastersTR ELO HELL is different than the others, it’s worse

But the ELO HELL is still horrible there, which is why you have to consider different approaches to get better at League than you would in other servers.

The first one and most important one that we can give you is definitely the Elo Boost TR because there is nothing that will get you quicker out of elo hell than this, boosting your account to a higher division and league is something that we think every player should consider if they want to get serious about the game and not waste time grinding games and games with afkers in their team to try to break their current division.

This is very important because as I’ve said many times before this is a shortcut to the road that you are already on and that you will reach regardless, this is just a way to make it much faster.

grand tr final elo mastersSkip the grinding with a simple and easy boost

Can you imagine how easy it would be to play and learn when you are teamed with diamond and challengers? or even platinums, they will tell you how to do things the right way or you might even tell them how to do things, you could be just as good as them but you never knew because you were stuck in elo hell and you needed an elo  boost, especially in TR servers.

You will find out and if you weren’t, well that is a speed learning method that will take you easily out of the worst MMR possible which is the bronze and silver ladders.

Consider the fact that many players in Turkey (millions of them) are stuck in bronze and silver and have no idea what to do there, well you will have to go through each and every single one of them if you want to get out of silver and bronze yourself.

Getting out of silver yourself.

tr gameplay league

Which is something that you know very well will take a lot of time to accomplish, and I’m not talking about just a few weeks, not at all, I’m talking about months and months of grinding the same games with the same afkers and trolls day in and day out in the hopes that one day you will carry the games and increase your skills. Which has become particularly famous and popular in Spain for the incredible amount of good players that Spain produces somehow!

Elo boosting in TR is just a shortcut that you can take and that to be honest many people take to just get out of plateaus and keep learning and improving as a player.