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Atal’Dazar is the name for the new royal crypt with two dungeons, the first wing being the same name Kings’ Rest the other. Considering the Zandali translation of Atal’Dazar is ‘Devoted (of) Dazar’, we can infer that the tomb is fit for the Zandalari kings who follow Dazar. There are four great boss models Priestess Alun’za, Vol’kaal, Rezan, and Yazma. The easiest and fastest way to get all the gear from this dungeon is a WoW Mythic Dungeon Boost.

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  • Full Clear
  • All Loot
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement
  • Completed in 30~ minutes


  • Full Clear
  • All Loot
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement
  • Completed in 4-5 hours

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What are the benefits to purchasing Regular Mythic Dungeons?

  • 340 ilvl loot which can be extremely helpful for a fresh 120 character.
  • A TON of azerite power and gear depending on how many dungeons you get!
  • SELF PLAY get to experience the dungeons with some of the top groups in the world.


  • Level 120 and there are no ilvl requirements


We only ask for login and password to access the account come raid time. We will never ask you for anything else.
If you won’t be around during raid time try and get the unlocking process done with your assigned booster.

WoW Mythic Dungeons Carry:

Freehold has always been a city for the lowest of the low, acting as a haven for pirates and those who wished to avoid life under Kul Tiran’s thumb. Irontide Raiders are in full control now and coerced many pirates under their banner. In this dungeon, you and your group of heroes will infilitrate the town and take out their cutthroat alliance. Just watch out for the bosses Skycap’n Kragg, Counil o’ Captains, Ring of Booty, Harlan Sweete.

King’s Rest provides one of the best opprotunities for Mythic Dungeon Boost, a rep-gated dungeon behind War Alliance campaign for Alliance players. A truly sacred place in Zandalar housing all the kings, conquerers, and tyrants who held ocntrol of the Zandarlari emprie at some point are housed here.

Shrine of the storm offers great opprotunity for a cheap boost. An intereting tidbit about this dungeon is that it similar to the original concept for Dragon Isles. You will encounter Aqu’sirr, Tidesage Counil, Lord Stromsong, and vol’zith the Whisperer in your quest to prevent them from stealing control of the Kul Tiran Fleet forever!

Battle of Azeroth will have one of our favorite new dungeons called Siege of Boralus. The final boss is Behamat, which translates to terror of the deep. Due to the difficulty in battling this boss, we recommend a WoW Mythic Dungeon Boost. You will join a guild in preventing Lady Ashvane from summoning a strong wave from the ocean to destroy Boralus.

In a time long past Sethralis the powerful snake loa sacrificed theirself to stop Mythrax from revealing his master upon Azeroth. During the time afterwards, followers of the snake loa built a temple to await her rebirth. You will battle against an evil force that is trying to use her power for nefarious purposes.

For millennia, the Zandalari kings were laid to rest within the tombs of Atal’Dazar, secluded high atop the mountain Mugamba. These pyramids grew more elaborate with each passing ruler, as new rooms were constructed to house the deceased’s vast wealth. Now, these once pristine halls have been corrupted by the Prophet Zul and his trusted lieutenant, Yazma, who seek to twist the power of these ancient kings for their own dark machinations.

For centures, the kings of Zandalari laid to rest in the tombs of Atal’Dazar on the mountain Mugamba. As new rulers died, the pyramids ontop of the mountain became greater and more elaborate. Unfortunately, Prophet Zul and his lieutenant Yazma are now twisting the power of the deceased kings for their own purposes. You can utilize a WoW Mythic Dungeon Boost to end this rein of terror and score great loot.

In the swamps of Nazmir there is a strange force bubbling under the surface that needs you to assist in purging it. You will encounter Sporecaller Zancha, a sporecaller corrupted by G’Huun, is fixated on spreading the plague within him. Cragmaw the Infested, another creature corrupted by G’Huun’s infection and many parasites all along his beastly body. Let us not forget Eldeer Leaxa, a blood sacrafice fanatic of G’Huun.

One of the most unique dugeons coming up in Battle for Azeroth is Tol Dagor. A former prison on the Tiragarde Sound, now owned by Ashvane Trading Company to imprison their adversaries. You will go throguh the trading company and one by one you can choose to unlock NPC’s which will provide various buffs to your team based on who you let go. You will encounter The Sand Queen, Jes Howlis, Knight Captain Valyri, and Overseer Korgus. You should definitely utilize a WoW Mythic Dungeon Boost for this dungeon in particular.

Waycrest Manor, the home of House Waycret, way up in the northwestern cliffs of Drustvar. Dark rumors have begun to spread as the Lord and Lady locked the family inside the castles. Foul riturals, disapperances of people, and screams from the house are common among the local townfolk. You will end your battle facing Gorak Tul, the kind of the Drust, the native people of Kul Tiras. Your best chance at completing this dungeon successfully is utilizing a WoW Mythic Dungeon Boost.