As you might imagine with the closing of this season and in preparation for the next one the NA players that have been grinding their way to the silver, gold, platinum and diamond leagues are now rushing to try to get as much rating as they possibly can within the last few minutes, this has led to players seeking for alternative ways to increase their Elo as fast as possible, not even considering things such as coaching which helps more in the long-term as you might imagine.

With this new rush from the Americans to get their Division and League increased, almost every single service provider of Elo Boosts has seen a huge increase in orders as the NA players rush to their websites and their portals to try and get their last minute push in the rankings.

This is nothing new as you might imagine, the previous season we saw the exact same behavior from every single server and region although this time it seems that the North American players looking for Elo Boosting are now more and more desperate for that brand new badge next to their name.

The majority of the players requesting a boost are the ones from Silver going to Gold, which is unexpected as you might imagine that the vast majority of players looking for these League MMR raises are the ones from Bronze division, however the numbers seem to prove wrong and show that the dedication is much bigger in players within the Silver division looking to go up.

Due to experience we (as well as many other websites within this business) are prepared and ready to take in this spike of players from any server, not just only from the North American realms.

Hopefully this new season brings a lot of new players to the game and we also see some returns from the best players in the game that have left the battlefields in the search for a different game or source of entertainment.
This will only make the game grow and make it even more popular than what it already is!

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