The NightHold is the fortress that the Burning Legion has taken up in Suramar as their base of operations. The Burning Legion is planning to use the powers of the Nightwell within the fortress to unleash and open up a portal for their master Sargeras to be revived.

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  • Full Clear
  • Loot Included
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement


  • Full Clear
  • Loot Included
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement


  • Full Clear
  • Loot Included
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement

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What are the benefits to purchasing The Nighthold?

  • Achievements from the raid including a Feat of Strength one, Ahead of the Curve for normal and heroic modes, Cutting Edge for mythic mode, It goes away when Tomb of Sargeras releases.
  • You will get 875(normal) 890(heroic) 910(mythic) item level gear inside the raid.
  • Artifact Power depending on your Artifact Knowledge Level.
  • Distilled Titan Essence to upgrade your legendaries.
  • Last but not least.. a chance for a Legendary!
  • SELF PLAYED get to experience a raid while it’s fresh and while it’s current with a top guild.
  • We guarantee at least 6 items in one loot run with master loot while others may not get you a guarantee.

Requirements for The Nighthold:

  • Level 110 character… That’s it! You are not required to be a certain ilvl or share your account info unless you order that package.


We only ask for login and password to access the account come raid time. We will never ask you for anything else.
If you won’t be around during raid time try and get the unlocking process done with your assigned booster.

More information about The Nighthold.

The Nighthold drops exclusive tier 19 gear that will be harder to obtain until next expansion. It gives you Distilled Titan Essence’ if you have the quest to upgrade your legendaries as well. Mounts drop from all modes of the Nighthold except LFR. The normal and heroic mode mounts are a 1 % drop chance so those are not guaranteed. Mythic drops a mount that is a 100% drop chance and we do give it to you if you get the package for it.

WoW NH Mythic Heroic and Normal Carry:

The Nigthborne leader Grand Magistrix Elisande has betrayed her own people, disdained some and put them into exile. A rebellion started due to her siding with the Burning Legion. The leader of the rebellion is somebody that you may be familiar with.

First Arcanist Thalysraa. She is the one leading the charge against the Legion and Nightborne forces willing to risk her own life in the process. A Nighthold boost is something that you would want to consider to see how the epic story between the two sides concludes.

The Nighhold will have twelve bosses within the dungeon and the last of them is none other than Gul’dan himself. The main mastermind of the past expansion WoD will finally be defeated within the Nighthold. Nighthold boosting will be more relevant than ever with the release of the raid.

The raid will be the hardest of the Legion expansion so far. It has more bosses than emerald night mare and trial of valor combined. Nighthold boosting will also give you tier gear which increases your characters power exponentially. Tier gear is a game changer and is the first time that we will see it released in Legion.

Nighthold Boost Heroic Boss
NH mythic carry US & EU

Many people are turning to getting a Nighthold boost for this very reason. They know that it may be worth it to see that epic cinematic that they otherwise may have not seen without getting the boost.

The Tomb of Sargeras is the next raid in line afterwards hitting in patch 7.2 which will also be quite the epic raid in and of itself! Nighthold wow boosting is certainly going to be one of the hottest items out there when it comes to this patch though.

With the raid dropping 900+ilvl gear it is going to be the most powerful gear that the player base has yet to see in Legion.

The lore of the raid will be the pinnacle of Legion and arguably last expansion as well. Will we see Illidan return to the raid perhaps? What if Gul’dan does something with his dying breath that empowers all the demons around him causing massive chaos across Azeroth. We will see in January when the Nighthold raid releases.

It will be the most exciting raid of tier 19 which is our current tier. Sargeras’ plans to completely take over Azeroth must be stopped at all costs by its heroes. It must be stopped by you. Only you with the help of the other denizens of the world would be able to defeat the endless Legion.

They have yet to reveal their true strength but you can stop them and vanquish them for good. The Nighthold is a pivotal key in this battle against them. Don’t forget to pick up a Nighthold boost to help defeating the Legion!