normal garrosh kill
A normal Garrosh kill. Includes all the loot drops for your spec/class of Garrosh Only. If there is another customer if your same spec and class you will roll for the loot. Grants you an achievement and title. This is done in Self-Play mode.

Cost: $75


Fight vs Garrosh Hellscream at Normal Mode Siege of Orgrimmar

Garrosh is being confronted by the heroes of Azeroth in order to stop his evil plan. All of his allies and comrades have now been slain or defeated by the Alliance. The Horde’s search for conquest is about to end under the zone of the vale of eternal blossoms in Pandaria.

Garrosh has the empowerment of the Old God Y’shaarj running through his veins as he is ready to make his last stand against you and all of the important characters such as Thrall, King Varian Wrynn of Stormwind, and Lady Jaina Proudmoore of the Kirin Tor.

Thrall confronts Garrosh under the very chamber in which the Old God’s heart was imprisoned in by the Titans upon his defeat. Thrall challenges Garrosh to a duel and the empowered Garrosh is ready to fight his former master.

heart of yshaarj for garrosh

The battle between Thrall and Garrosh starts as they each trade blows with their hammer and axe. Garrosh starts to get the upper hand for a bit but then Thrall fights back with his immense strength.

Thrall starts winning the battle and then Garrosh started getting serious. He had pumped himself with more power of Y’shaarj and easily defeated Thrall knocking him back a good distance. With this knock-back Thrall knew that the empowered Garrosh had no equal in terms of strength and he could not defeat him in his current state.

The other characters were ready to fight Garrosh, but the heroes of Azeroth intervened and took the fight to him directly as a group. Garrosh summoned the might of the Iron Start to try to beat them but it could not work as they were too strong even for his empowered state.

The heroes proved too strong for Garrosh and he had to summon the powers of Y’shaarj once more in order to defeat them. Using the blood taken from the heart of Y’shaarj, Heroic Garrosh was able to show the heroes the visions of what their world would be if he were to win.

He turned into a hideous abomination full of eyes and spikes, completely unrecognizable by anyone. This was his final form and he gave it all that he had against the heroes of Azeroth in the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Deep in the Ragefire Chasm that he created and shaped to his will an explosion came out as Garrosh was defeated by the heroes of Azeroth. Garrosh kills are available in heroic and normal difficulties.