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North American (NA) Elo Boosting

There has been countless reports on ELO boosting and a lot of fear spread across the players of League of Legends regarding bans that occur after a player performs a boost in their accounts.

This all started in the North American (NA) servers and had been going on for quite some time forcing the boosters to take a break from this activity.

However let us explain what happened and why this is nothing but a fear technique to discourage player into getting these type of services in League of Legends.

So first of all there was a ban-wave that occurred some time ago and it was attributed to a massive ELO boost, however the actual reason of that ban-wave was far from it, the reason this occurred was because a bot or hack was developed that would allow players to use third-party software to give them an unfair advantage in the ELO system while playing ranked single queue matches or duo queue matches.

Keeping High ELO NA Accounts Safe

This software was the cause of the ban, however it was in RIOTs best interest that it was kept secret as the bot is still running and they didn’t want to give publicity to the bot or hack itself; which is why they told the community in many different posts that it was caused by Boosting the ELO rating of the accounts that caused the massive ban.

So what does North America have to do with any of this? The answer is simply because the majority of the banned players were from North America and they were abusing the bot just way too much causing 70% of the ban to happen in NA accounts.

NA elo boosting is on the rise and the League of Legends staff knows this, which is why they are vigilant to the increase rate of players who are getting these services more and more, it’s estimated that by the middle of 2016 there will be more NA players looking for a LoL boost than EU players with EUNE and EUW combined.

Jinx only boost in NA

Differences in Boosting per Region

The differences in the process for performing this type of boost are the exact same as they would be in EU, RU, TR, OCE, LAN & LAS, it doesn’t matter where the accounts are we take every single security measure to ensure that there is no trace of footprints for RIOT to find that your account had been boosted by any professional player.

You can read about how we secure the accounts and how we go above and beyond right here to ensure that the security of the customer’s accounts remains untouched and that the rating will be kept by the customers even after playing in their brand new ELO.

VPN’s, tactical loses, simulated playing times, everything is taken into consideration while the NA boosting is being done to raise the ELO of the players, which is why you will find that there is no difference from the other regions and now you know that there is nothing different in League’s servers that would trigger this more than they would in the rest of the world.