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Only Stay Away from ELO Boosting If

This is a non-exclusive guideline for you to read and ask yourself if you fall into any of these categories before you decide whether you should get an ELO boost or not.

Answer all of the following questions:

1. Have you just started to play ranked games?
2. Have you read all the guides and builds for your initial champions as well as detailed general strategy guides for you to play at your optimum best?
3. Do you feel like it’s your team-mates fault whenever you lose a game?
4. Can you answer off-offhandedly questions about a specific champion and builds for said champions in different situations?
5. Do you know what REALLY separates the lower ELO people (elo hell) from the higher ELO players?
6. Have you started working on things like orb-walking, burst damaging, increased awareness, faster reactions?

Take a step back and now with the answers tell yourself if you should or should not get an ELO boost or if you should instead try to work on things that will directly benefit your LoL ranking.

If you are unsure whether you should get it or not then we suggest you get coaching first, for several reasons:

1. It’s cheaper.
2. It will teach you something directly.
3. The coach will tell you if you’re in a point where your teams are holding you back or if it’s yourself, therefore getting a professional’s opinion on your skill level.

There are many reasons why you should try and stay away from elo boosting but the main one or at least the one we consider is the main one is the following: You’re just not skilled enough.

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Be Skilled Enough First!

We understand this might sound harsh but keep reading! The reason we say that is that after doing countless ELO boosts and many many hours of coaching with professional players we’ve seen trends and patterns in our customers.
A lot of people want to get their division showing as Diamond when in reality they are not even prepared for Silver. Needless to say they are not capable of properly holding the Diamond rank for more than 10 games before they get back to where they started from.

You’ve read many times why you should look for a lol boost and in which situations it benefits your gameplay.
This is not saying “you shouldn’t consider getting a rated lol push” because if you just want to do it then nothing stops you, but if you want to keep playing at that higher ELO then that’s a totally different story and that’s the one we are referring to in here.

If you feel like you’re lacking in knowledge and a bit of practice and that you could learn more guides and builds before you jump into the decision to get boosted then we suggest you keep reading and practicing so that when you do decide to get one then you will be able to hold it and keep improving further than what you were before.