Overwatch Bastion

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Bastion is an Omnic that was lost and forgotten over time while the Omnic rebellion was going on. During the Omnic rebellion also known as the robot rebellion Bastion went into hiding and he never got activated to go to war. Bastion was different from other Omnics whose sole purpose was to destroy and kill. The Omnic rebellion happened because the robots were tired of being slaves to humans and decided that they were better fit to rule the world.

Bastion is a name given to all sentry units of the Omnic guard. So Bastion isn’t just one specific name given to a special Omnic. There used to be thousands Bastion’s running around and killing humans. Their core design and purpose was to kill and was tor destroy anything that came into sigh that they considered an enemy. Whenever the lead Omnics decided that the wanted to rebel against the humans, it was the Bastion unit was the lead unit assigned to do so. Bastion units are the war Omnics, they were built with tools designed to take out enemies by the hundreds. These are the main type that wreaked havoc across Earth when that crisis first started.

Bastion in-game ready to fireThe Bastion that is in Overwatch, or Overwatch Bastion as he is known is one of he only few good Omnics that happened to fight for the human side. These robots were few compared to the ones that wanted nothing but to destroy human civilization and start their own Omnic civilization on Earth. Few Omnics like the friendly one that we know of as Bastion decided not to and fight for the side that built them, the humans. Bastion was considered a hero among many people even though he saved countless lives in his missions across the globe. He was made fun of and hated on because of the crisis that was going on nearly every human that saw him and did not know who he was automatically assumed he was an enemy.

Overwatch Hero: Bastion Gameplay

mid gameplay bastion

Although Overwatch Bastion did have much protection around him whenever he was with other Overwatch agents, he did know that there were some humans that simply did not like him. They were very difficult times for the Omnic but he learned to cope and live with it as time went by. He was known as the gentlest of all the Overwatch agents because even animals knew that he was a kind person. Birds frequently went up to Bastion to roost because they knew he was friendly. One bird which Bastion named Ganymede took a special liking to him and decided to follow him wherever he went.

Inside the game Bastion is one of the most deadly characters to deal with when left alone. Bastion in his sentry or tank configuration can wipe out entire teams by himself. He is considered one of the strongest defense characters in Overwatch alongside Torbjorn because of his turret mode specifically. In tank mode Bastion fires deadly cannonballs that usually one or two shot someone. Although he is left a bit more vulnerable that usual he can usually kill an enemy before he gets killed. He also doesn’t need a healer to back him up because he can self repair which is an incredibly useful ability. Whenever he is taking long range low end damage self repair will usually negate it. Make sure to remember to always pick good spots to use sentry mode to not get caught out into the open! There will be more info coming up in the guide!