Overwatch Characters, get to know them!

All the Overwatch Characters in a banner

The game is finally here and it has arrived with a bang. Overwatch has quickly risen to the top on streaming platforms like Twitch, Azubu and many more. It is being hailed as the game of the year by some already and has now risen to the top surpassing the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2 in terms of views on streaming platforms. What is all the fuss about with Overwatch? We went and bought the game ourselves to check it out! With its cartoon like designs and relatable characters Overwatch has gripped many gamer’s including ourselves into it’s hype train.

The characters and the game are easy to play and yet hard to master. Some Overwatch characters like Genji offer a new and unique play style like none other. Genji requires you to become an actual ninja moving around the map jumping through terrain and assassinating your enemies from behind. The Overwatch Champion offer a new and refreshing taste in the FPS genre from the traditional shooters like Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield. Overwatch introduces a breath of fresh air into the shooters integrating special and unique abilities for each Overwatch champion. Some characters are easier to play than others which makes the game have a whole lot of needed depth that some shooters simply do not have.

The New Overwatch Champions/Heroes

Dva mid-air fighting

From shooting your scatter shot arrow with Hanzo at just the right position in close quarters to one shot an enemy to flanking your enemy with a Reaper ultimate in order to secure your objective. The variety and in depth skill ceiling is there for Overwatch. The game modes also offer a rather long yet fun style. All the escort modes for Overwatch sometimes take longer than the traditional capture a point objective yet seem to be just as fun as the first. How did Blizzard Entertainment manage to make their first FPS game a solid success? The answer lies in the experience of the company. Blizzard is known for making games that fans love and play for endless hours.

The company has grown from a small basement dwelling team to a much larger and seasoned group of game developers that have consistently made characters that you learn to grow up with and love. The characters make the experience for the players, without characters that you can get attached to the game would fail. from Starcraft, to World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, Blizzard entertainment has made characters that anyone who has played their games can relate to. Overwatch characters seem to be no exception to their decades long pattern of fleshing out true and worthy characters to add to their long list of success.

The famous Tracer

The cartoon like structure of the characters is something everyone who has played games throughout their lives has learned to like. All of the heroes in Overwatch have their own unique personalities and lore that comes with them. That personality is what gamers seek, it gives people something to look forward to when they play the game. Most of us enjoy playing only one or two characters because it gives us the feeling that we are that character. They reflect what we would be if the game was actually real.

Great games are made by many things not just the game play itself. People want relatable characters to make them feel as if they were the character itself. Blizzard has accomplished a great job overall in the creation of Overwatch and it certainly is not the last of the many great games they are going to make.

Over the past few months since the beginning of 2017; Overwatch has seen the introduction of several new characters including Ana, Sombra, and Orisa. Ana is a support with a versatile arsenal that allows her to affect heroes all over the battlefield. She possess a rifle that shoots darts to restore health to allies or it can be used offensively to deal ongoing damage to enemies. She can also render an enemy unconscious by utilizing a Sleep Dart from her sidearm. She has an AOE grenade that can either heal allies or damage enemies within the small area where it was thrown.