Overwatch D.Va

D.VA Is a tank and damage hybrid character in Overwatch. She has one of the most unique kits in the game and is a mech riding ex-gamer girl who loves to shoot people. In terms of gameplay she is one of the funnest tanks to play if you like to be able to deal large amount of damage while still being an effective tank at close and long range. She provides a great deal of support to the team especially if you have a Mercy or Lucio healing you in the back. Let’s take a quick look at what D.Va is able to do in Overwatch.

DVa known pose

D.VA is one of the few characters who does not need to reload and has infinite ammo in the game. This is a very strong ability which is her passive but it comes at a price, that price being movement. Whenever you are firing with the mech using your auto attack you are slowed down significantly. D.Va is best effective in close quarters because the amount of damage that the auto attack does is very high and can make quick work of 1 or 2 opponents at once. You always want to be in close range when firing your machine gun since that is when it is most effective. D.VA in Overwatch is also one of the few heroes with a knock-back ability that can kill enemies by throwing them off the map, and can also be used as a defensive tool or a gap closer.

D.Va’s lore is also a nod from Blizzard to one of their other games which is Starcraft 2. D.Va used to be a professional Starcraft 2 player who used to travel the world and go to tournaments all over for it. She is a native of Korea and was ranked the number 1 player in the world for the consecutive years without suffering a single loss in her whole career. After a long and successful career in the competitive gaming world Hana Song which is D.Va’s real name decided to do something else with her life and go in an adventure she always dreamed of doing. She became a mech pilot for one of Overwatch’s main divisions and quickly started climbing up the ladder from there.

D.Va Overwatch had been born


standard dva

Hannah Song eventually decided to learn on how to build and design her very own mech which she decided to call MEKA. With her brand new Mech Overwatch recognized D.Va’s capabilities and decided to make her an official hero of the world. She started going on missions fighting the evil syndicate known as Omnic. Omnic were the ones who threw the world into utter chaos a dis- array. Over and D.Va were the only hopes for the world. Hannah took it upon herself as her own life mission to beat Omnic and bring order back to the world once again. Her and MEKA became world famous for saving cities single handedly. She needed a new name, a superhero name and it was one given by her fans. Overwatch D.Va is what they called her.

DVa mid flight combat

Her diva like personality yet heroic action made her beloved by everyone and a world icon, an inspiration to look up to. People in Korea and the Starcraft community recognized who she was but to the rest of the world she was simply D.Va, Hannah Song embraced this new role she had taken and would be D.Va of Overwatch for the rest of her life.

D.va can be confusing to play at first, but we will try our best to help you understand their complex abilities. Her Fusion Cannons are like none other in the game, and increase in strength as she gets closer to her target. When using Fusion Cannons, be aware your movement speed will be reduced as a result so theirs’s a dance you must master between positioning and firing. If you find her using her Light Gun, while she’s outside of her ech, you will find it quite effective at all ranges and definitely more powerful than her mech weapons, but her health will be reduced which leaves her quite vulnerable.