Overwatch Genji

Stance 2 for Genji in Overwatch selection screen

Genji Shimada more commonly known as simply Genji. Was born as an heir to the infamous and legendary Shimada clan in Japan, This was a clan of ninjas who did various illegal activities all around the world. From being assassins to extortion there was nothing the Shimada clan could not do. Every male Shimada was born to become a fighter and carry the family legacy and continue to pass on the family name, Genji however was different from everyone else before him.

All of the family’s illegal activities throughout the years garnered them fame and fortune. Genji happened to be the son of the clan’s leader at the time. He enjoyed all of the wealth and all of the splendor that the family had to offer. He was no warrior at all and decided that he would not take part in the family business. At the sound of this his father was outrage and demanded that Genji start his training immediately. Genji till refused to undergo any training and his father sent his older brother Hanzo to personally handle the situation. Hanzo decided that Genji was not worthy of the clan’s name. All Genji did was be with woman and go around parading his wealth. Hanzo beat down his brother to the brink of death out in the city. He could not forgive his little brother for becoming a disgrace to the Shimada clan.

Genji’s History Before Overwatch

Character selection screen stance 1

Genji was left for dead in the street, but fortune smiled upon him that day. A senior Overwatch member saw the whole thing unravel and decided to go down and help Genji. He found a disfigured face and body bruised up and mangled with his limbs being unusable. He took him to the nearest Overwatch hospital right away having to be carried and what the doctors did was the only way to save his life. They turned Genji into Overwatch Genji a living cyborg. When Genji woke up from a long coma due to the beating and the surgery, he did not know where he was but he opened his eyes and saw that he had been transformed into a machine. He yelled out in anger wondering why he could not feel his legs or his arm and wanted to see himself in the mirror. A nurse quickly brought over a mirror and to Genji’s surprise his face was all covered up in armor.

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The lead doctor came in and explained to Genji what happened to him. In time he would learn to live with his new body and be at peace with himself. He eventually did manage to learn the art of the ninja and surpassed human capabilities with his cyborg suit. He could move and jump higher and faster than ever, Genji had been transformed into the ultimate ninja. Genji’s Overwatch adventure had just begun. He went out to train with the robot monk Zenyatta where he found peace within himself and his mind. Zenyatta in time became Genji’s teacher and helped him cope with his new body.

In the game Genji is one of the highest skilled and fastest paced characters to play. Using his abilities to climb walls and double jump the play style really feels like a ninja. His deflection is one of the ultimate tools in Overwatch that can easily counter any turrets or an unsuspecting Bastion. His dash also resets on kill which makes him one of the deadliest characters to play in the game. With a great too kilt however comes skill, he is generally regarded as one of the hardest heroes to play. Overwatch Genji is certainly a pick up if you enjoy a challenge.

Genji is very effective offensive champion, with a strong affinity for sneaking behind the enemy and harassment. The most effective tactic for Genji is to get behind them when they are unaware and hit them with a barrage of volleys of shurikens. Make sure to always utilize side routes to flank the enemy, as he Is not as effective when just hanging back with the team at large. Genji is best suited at mid-range instead of up close. He does not have the evasiveness of similar heroes such as Tracer or the damage/self-healing of Reaper.