Overwatch Hanzo

Overwatch favorite with a bow

Hanzo Shimada was born to the infamous Shimada clans made up of assassins, rebels, and thieves. The Shimada clan is one of the largest criminal syndicates in the world. They excel at the art of killing and are some of the most feared and highly regarded people to do illegal jobs. Hanzo was the heir to this great clan of infamy, until he decided to throw away all his titles and leave the clan for good. Hanzo took up a whole new life for himself and is now trying to redeem his honor.

It all started when the clan leader, Hanzo’s father ordered him to discipline his brother Genji. Genji was Hanzo’s younger brother and a key element to the clans survival. However Genji was by no means an assassin and wanted no involvement with the clan or any of it’s illegal activities. Genji was different from his brother and his family, the Shimada clan was very wealthy and since Genji was part of that main family he enjoyed all of the wealth, Surrounding him self with beautiful woman, buying expensive cars, and just living a playboy type of life. The whole family brought pressure to his father to discipline him and teach him the ways of the ninja and the ways of assassination. Genji was supposed to be one of the lead advisers to Hanzo when he took over as the family’s head.

Our hero in-game using a bow

Since Genji would not listen at all even after having all of his material possession taken away the family had no choice but to banish him Hanzo however thought that this was not enough, he needed to be killed by his own two hands. Hanzo went out to seek Genji in order to kill his very own flesh and blood. When Hanzo discovered Genji in a city he went out and attacked him in the middle of the street. Hanzo thought that he had finished his brother off in order to restore honor to the clans name. Genji however did not die. He would live on and was rescued by Overwatch agents who found him on the brink of death near the street. Hanzo was touched by the Overwatch agents courage and sympathy for his younger brother. He did not want to genuinely kill his younger broth deep down but he felt as if he needed to for the clan.

Hanzo the Hero in the Overwatch World

This ordeal made Hanzo view the world with new eyes. He almost decided to become Overwatch Hanzo, but he could not look at his little brother anymore. It touched him so deeply that he eventually left the clan too. He went out into the world to find a new path, and redeem his honor for what he did to his brother. Hanzo is still searching the world waiting to find what is next for him, with nothing in sight and nobody left in his life he decided that he too will kill any clans member that decides to interrupt him in his journey.

concept artwork of overwatch hero with a bow

Hanzo in the actual game is a marksman or sniper. Although he is able to use other weapons like swords he prefers to use a signature family clan bow. He has a very unique play style that makes him able to not only do well in long and medium range but short range as well. With one of the best ultimate’s that can win or lose the game he is pretty much good for any team to have on offense or defense. Overwatch Hanzo is definitely a good character to pick up and master, it can take a while to truly master him since he has a large skill cap but it will be worth it.

Unlike the Widowmarker which is usually played from long range, Hanzo has trouble with accuracy when hitting shots from a distance, unless enemies are moving through a chokepoint. Utilize Hanzo’s mobility to move to the side or behind enemies to get into a position where you can stealthily fire on them and easily escape once you are targeted. Hanzo has quite a high level of burst damage at close range. A single arrow from the Storm Bow, followed up quickly with a melee attack, can knock out a Tracer, while Scatter Shot can carve off most of the health of hero’s like Reinhardt when well planned.