Overwatch Heroes Overview:

Opening for the Overwatch Heroes Lore

The world needs heroes. Overwatch is here to deliver them, and they have come roaring. The whole gaming community has heard about Activision Blizzard’s newest game and their first FPS. With Twenty one different Overwatch heroes it offers a large variety of different play styles for each individual person. Every hero has their own unique gameplay that is involved with them just like League of Legends or any MOBA style game.

The design of the heroes varies since they all carry with them their own unique lore. The Overwatch heroes come from all parts of the globe like Egypt, England, Africa, America and so forth. The game has a whole lot of diversity that most games do not have. It appeals to a wider audience and gives more people something to relate to. There are even Japanese heroes like Genji who has become a ninja and is now working for the Overwatch group. The actual game takes place all around the world as well. Some heroes are in their home towns or regions in the actual game modes. Temple of Anubis is in Phara’s home country which is Egypt. Lucio is one of the most prominent support characters and his home is in the map Numbani.

The Overwatch Champions are here!

Winston class A hero

These are mostly agents of the organization known simply as Overwatch. There are some champions who are not part of the Overwatch organization such as Reaper, he represent his own organization. There is a large scale war going on in the world where it has been thrown into chaos and heroes are needed to step up in order to bring back balance into disorderly world. All around the world small and large scale wars are being fought and the only ones that save them are the heroes you will play in the game. Winston is the leader of the Overwatch organization and he knows where all the others are at all times. He is able to call them into action whenever they are needed somewhere.

Each hero serves the world in the perspective region that they are in. Everyone but Tracer is assigned to one region for the most part unless it is a very special mission where they have to work together in order to defeat an opponent. Their enemy main enemy is a syndicate lead by Reaper, someone who has the ability to shift into a ghostly type of form. Reaper has been wreaking havoc all over the glove with his syndicate and he has only been challenged once by Winston. The giant Gorrila known as Winston is one of the few people to ever face him in combat and deal damage to him.

DVA class A hero in action

With some of the strongest and most powerful people from around the world Overwatch is a force to be reckoned with. In the game it is also pushing boundaries for more of this type of game to come out. Overwatch champions are some of the most fun to play characters in any gaming world without a doubt. We made a review on the game itself and it is certainly one of the funnest games out there in the market right now. It has breathed fresh air into a genre that was losing popularity in the gaming community. The heroes and their design have also given people a new way to look at FPS games. With their innovative abilities such as Junkrat‘s ultimate which is a living moving explosive that devastates the enemy. To Reaper’s AoE ultimate that can decide games on it’s own the Overwatch world and it’s heroes do not disappoint.

Small treat here for those of you who haven’t seen it:

Breaking into the top of the competitive leaderboard is hard. After you master base game mechanics it’s a good idea to pick a hero that is considered the top tier of the time. This list always changes because of the constant updates that Blizzard does to Overwatch.

Tier 1
•	Lúcio
•	Reinhardt
•	Tracer
•	Soldier: 76
•	Genji
Tier 2
•	Ana
•	McCree
•	Winston
•	Pharah
•	Zarya
Tier 3
•	D.Va
•	Zenyatta
•	Roadhog
•	Bastion
•	Mercy
Tier 4
•	Mei
•	Widowmaker
•	Hanzo
•	Reaper
•	Symmetra
•	Orisa
Tier 5
•	Sombra
•	Torbjörn
•	Junkrat