Overwatch Junkrat

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Junkrat is a fairly unique character in the Overwatch world. He has a hosts of political views ranging from hating Omnics, and people who support them to hating on corporations. He believe that people should be free to do whatever they want, including murder, theft, destruction. Anarchy is the state that he wants the world to be in. With his homeland being in Australia he thought that he was safe from the Omnic crisis that was going on in the rest of the world. He had good reasons to believe it but even he didn’t foresee the hiding terror hiding out in the land down under.

A lurking evil Omnic group was positioned in Australia unbeknownst to the majority of the population. This small Omnic group went out and destroyed a large scale nuclear power plant, when it blew up it left Australia nothing but a wasteland. Most of the areas in the island were complete inhabitable and they were left with tons of radioactivity from the blast, leaving few safe zones left for humans to inhabit. As time went by survivors started to find other survivors and started cooperating with each other in order to stand a fighting chance in case there were any other evil Omnics around. These people went around scavenging the debris of old building and reusing it for themselves. They started to call themselves “Junkers”, within a few years they were able to start rebuilding in the island.

How Junkrat Survived and Went to Overwatch

Junkrat performing his special ability in full action

Junkrat wasn’t always how he is known as today. He used to be a regular citizen named Jamison Fawkes. him and the local Junker bouncer named Roadhog decided to go outside of Australia and become bandits. They both loved to cause mayhem wherever they went and Junkrat excelled in demolitions and explosives. Roadhog and Junkrat both decided to go to Numbani, Kings Row, and Dorado to go out and murder and rob banks. They were just wild criminals now and Overwatch considered them a massive threat to the world. They both eventually got caught after have a 25 million dollar bounty placed on their heads. The robots can after them and captured them both ending their reign of terror across the world. It was however a short lived peace for everyone else since Junkrat managed to create an explosive inside the prison that broke them both out.

extremely dangerous criminal in overwatch

Overwatch Junkrat is considered to be one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. Him and Roadhog have evaded some of the best police and cop bots for years to come, they did however end up getting caught once more by an elaborate set up designed by a corporate business man.

Junkrat in Overwatch is one of the highest damage dealing characters in the game. He usually excels at staying back and just pumping out grenades, traps, and mines on any opponent unfortunate enough to get caught up in them. His ultimate is one of the most utilized and safest ultimate’s to use. Since it is accessed remotely he can hide behind a wall and use his ult which can kill everyone with a certain radius if they are low enough hp. Junkrat is one of the best characters in the game to learn to master because he is extremely useful for any team on defense and sometimes offense to have.

Junkrat is an exceptional hero with great explosive capabilities. He can use his Frag Launcher by pressing Left Mouse Button to deploy bouncing bombs, but it can be very difficult to hit your target. It’s best to use the bouncing bombs by spamming them in an individual area, so that it is very difficult for someone to stay in one place. It is almost impossible to hit airborne targets, so it’s best to stick to ground ones. In order to add onto your ability to lock people down is the Steel Trap which can be activated by pressing E. The Steel Trap, once an enemy hero has stepped on it, will hold them in position for one second giving a champion like McCree perfect timing to unleash a full round of his pistols and secure a kill.