Overwatch Lucio

Lucio with his weapon of choice

Lucio is Overwatch’s resident musician. Born in the slums of Brazil Lucio has lead a very tough life in poverty and in crime. Everyone around him including his family were involved in crimes like drugs, murder, rape etc. Lucio was a bit different and he did not enjoy or like any of those things that kids his age got into. His true passion was music, through music Lucio managed to find a way out of those slums and also did not get caught up in any of those illegal activities that the others were doing.

When the Omnic crisis came to Brazil it completely devastated everyone that was involved. It brought the rich and poor together to cooperate since most cities were wiped out. Everyone lived in safe have cities like Rio de Janeiro where there were no evil robots killing everyone in sight. Eventually after the Omnics were suppressed the country started rebuilding and rebuilding brought in a whole lot of business and companies that were assigned to handle this. One company in particular helped rebuild Brazil more than the others, they invested far more money into it than anybody else and gained praise from groups around the world. This company’s name was Vishkar, it was one of the biggest construction companies in the world and they also had innovative music technology. The music is what brought the people together in times of tribulation and stress.

character selection screen overwatch

Vishkar however had a hidden agenda with all of this. There was a dark truth behind their motives in investing all that money and all that technology into these people. They knew that the people including Lucio had suffered massive losses are were in need of help from anyone. Lucio was the first one to see through their plot, they were using that super advanced technology in order to control and brainwash the people of Brazil. With it they had entire regions of the country under their control and were able to boost up their sales tenfold. Forcing everyone who had listened to their music to go out and buy more of their products. Overwatch Lucio decided to take matters into his own hands when he first saw what was actually going on. Since he was so used to bullets near his home and a constant stream of live music it didn’t affect him at all.

The future Hero went out and stole a whole bunch of Vishkar technology in order counter the brainwash from the company. He managed to steal their most advanced models and free the people of Brazil using it. Once Vishkar found out about Overwatch Lucio’s theft they quickly sent thugs out after him in an attempt to take back the stolen equipment. It was too little too late however for them, the people of Brazil were backing Lucio now that they realized what was going on. Lucio and the people destroyed Vishkar and took the land back from the Omnics as well.

Lucio Gameplay in Overwatch

mid-action Lucio Overwatch

Lucio is considered one of the best supports in Overwatch, he can fit into any team comp and still dominate the game no matter what his teammates are. This is because of of his passive healing aura that allows him to not cast anything and still be extremely useful. His ultimate is one of the best offensive and defensive ultimate’s in the game as well. He gives everyone a huge armor and health upgrade allowing the team to take hold of objectives or escort payloads faster than ever. Overwatch Lucio is definitely a great pick up if you would like to main a support in Overwatch.

It is a good idea when playing Lúcio to maintain about 25 to 30 meters within range of your team and have them within sight, or they will not be able to benefit for Lúcio’s auras. Although it’s a good idea to remain range, you should always stay in the back. This will allow you to benefit from the protection they provide, but also monitor their health and positions. You can always speed boost to the center for protection from flanks. It is also best practice to wait until your teammates have received sufficient damage to Amp Up your healing aura, or it will go to waste.