Overwatch McCree

fearless assassin mccree

McCree wasn’t always an Overwatch hero. Jesse McCree is his real name and the name that he lives by most of his life. He used to be one of the most wanted criminals in America, a true outlaw that obeyed nobody. He had shooting skill that were matched by no other in the entire American West, one day him and his gang of thugs wanted to go and rob a bank in a peaceful town that was very quiet most of the day. They saw this as a perfect target because it would be a free robbery that would take very little effort, little did all of them know that they were all being tracked and this was all as set up.

When they entered into rob that bank led by McCree the first thing they noticed was that the doors to the vault were completely open. After the opened up the vault and held all the clerks hostage a special squad of Overwatch soldiers came barging in. This was the Black Watch squad, the most elite covert special ops unit in all of Overwatch. It was lead by Gabriel Reyes one of the most talented people at assassinating that has ever lived. He confronted McCree knowing that he was one of the best shooters in the entire world, Reyes offered McCree a job. This job was to join the Black Watch squad or else he would live the rest of his life in a prison cell that would make him nothing better than an animal. McCree was no fool and saw the opportunity that he had in front of him and took it in an instant.

in-game mccree for overwatch

Overwatch McCree was his code name ever since he joined the special ops unit. McCree went all over the world participating in missions that were among the most deadly and suicidal ever, him and his gun the Peacekeeper had no plans to die any of those days. Peacekeeper was his special revolver that he had been using for years, it was his very own special gun. All of these missions made Overwatch McCree change at the very core of his being and turned him from a lawless person that knew no equal into a person that chose the path of righteousness and decided to pursue it. McCree really felt that all of his past sins were made up for. He lived for the squad and wanted to die with his squad, things however did not go his way.

The Black Watch unit eventually broke up after they were deemed too dangerous and after the leader Reyes became a rogue and went into exile. Overwatch McCree decided that he would become a vigilante dispensing justice at his own accord wherever he went.

McCree In Game

1v1 best champion fighting at the harshest map

McCree is considered to be the best 1v1 hero up close if he has his flash bang up. No other hero can really challenge him if he does because fan the hammer (his alternate fire) i way too strong. Paired up with his own portable stun it is a guaranteed kill no matter what the situation. McCree is even able to blow up tanks in an instant thanks to his Roll that recharges the weapon for him when he does it. A perfectly positioned Deadeye is able to take out everyone in sight, if you get the high ground using Deadeye you can definitely score a a team kill on your own depending on their position. Over all McCree is one of the best mid and short range skirmishers in Overwatch.

The Peacekeeper, McCree’s gun, has several rounds within it that can be shot before loading. If they are shot individually they do more damage than all at once in burst. It is best to use single shots when the enemy is a bit further away, but if it the enemy is in close range, especially if in a corner, its best to click your right mouse button and blast all the bullets in the weapon at him. The nature of McCree dictates he can be caught out with no ammo and easily killed, that’s why it’s imperative for him to utilize his Combat Roll to reduce the target on yourself and take advantage of its auto ammunition refilling capability.