Overwatch Mei

Understanding Mei in the game

Mei is Overwatch’s climatologist comes from China as a former scientist that was studying there weather across the world. She was studying how the rise of the Omnic population was diminishing human resources. She noticed a change in weather because the Omnics were giving off this foul smoke that emanated from them and was causing the Earth to warm up. She kept studying how the Omnic’s were not only affecting humans but the entire Earth as a whole. One day the Overwatch team needed her at Antarctica to study a strange anomaly that had been occurring there.

Shortly after she arrived in Antarctica along with other Climatologists from their region they all went into their headquarters until they were taken by surprise from an unexpected snow storm. All of them thought that he snow storm would only last a few days and did not worry at all. They were all wrong, the snow storm lasted years and during that time all of them used up all of the supplies located in the building. During their final days the group decided to use the last resort in order to survive, they all went into Cryo-Freeze. They expected to be found and rescued after a few months but help did not come for another few years.

Playing Mei as a top dps hero in Overwatch

Most of the scientists ended up dying during this Cryo Freeze time period. When help eventually came there was only one survivor that was found, Mei was the lone survivor of the awful nightmare that happened to them. She lost all her friends and colleagues during the whole ordeal and decided to head back home to China. All of their efforts however were not in vain. They managed to create a tool that could change the weather. Since the world was heating up they made a device that would cool it down. With a single burst of this device an entire area could be frozen and saved from the heat. Mei and the other teams research was vital in order to save the world and keep it progressing. Overwatch Mei returned to the bases after spending some time to herself and was hailed as a hero given the highest honors.

Mei can decide the match outcome in Overwatch!

Overwatch Mei 360 view

In Game Mei has a play style and abilities that do not resemble any other champion. Equipped with a long range pistol that can one shot an opponent if it strikes them in the head Mei is a versatile and deadly hero to play. Mei in Overwatch has the ability to decide a whole team fight by herself. Her ultimate has an aoe freeze that can come in the clutch during payload or defend the objective missions. The ice wall that Mei has is also a complete and total game changer. Whenever you are skirmishing in the one one one or being chased in close quarters putting down an ice wall can completely seal you off from the enemy. Ice walls are also great when needing to stop the objective from reaching its destination.

Overall Mei is essential and versatile being able to fit into any team composition without having any drawbacks at all. Her high base hp make Overwatch Mei one of the best picks for any game mode you could play in. In every situation Mei has been proven to excel in with her game changing abilities and strong offense and defense. Mei in Overwatch is definitely not a bad hero that you could pick up to help your team.

When playing Mei the best way to slow down an enemy is by using your Endothermic Blaster’s Frost Stream using the Left Mouse Button. If you keep a steady stream on your enemy, he will eventually freeze completely for a couple of seconds. You can use this ability to line up heroes like McCree so he can use his Peacekeeper and rapidly take the enemy out. If you find yourself in a sticky situation, it’s always best to use your Cryo-Freeze by pressing Left Shift which will surround yourself in a protective barrier of ice which protects you from enemy damage and also gives you a small healing aura.