Overwatch Mercy

character selection screen Mercy

Mercy in the Overwatch world is one of the most prominent doctors to have ever lived. She created and pioneered a whole bunch of treatments and systems for various diseases and injuries during the Omnic War. She is known as Angela Ziegler, before she became Overwatch Mercy Dr. Ziegler was just a lead doctor at some special Swiss hospital. There she pioneered incredible new methods that later became used by everyone in the Overwatch world.

Some of her greatest accomplishments were done at that hospital and eventually garnered the attention of the Overwatch organization. Although Ziegler did not like what Overwatch was doing because she was opposed to war no matter what the reasons she did eventually join them. Overwatch Mercy was her hero name within the organization and she was given the special position head of the medical team at Overwatch. This was a very prestigious honor only to be held by who was considered the best doctor in the world at the time. Mercy was known to go out into battle herself and heal the injured in the heat of the war. She realized that some of the treatments just weren’t good enough to save a large group of people at once or a bunch of lives when they needed it most. After every defeat Mercy always rallied back and she came to her lab and decided to create something new.

Overwatch concept design for Mercy Hero

She pioneered the Valkyrie Suit. This suit was very special and the first of its kind, it used brand new technology that Mercy herself created to help save lives when they needed it most. It was used all throughout the Omnic crisis and she started a special core of elite healers headed by herself. Mercy was known to go out into battle with this suit and was the number one enemy to the Omnics. Her healing capabilities with the suit were increased tenfold and was considered the most important invention of the whole war. Eventually the Omnic crisis came to an end but the world still needs heroes. Wherever there is trouble or someone that is injured Mercy is there to help save and rescue lives in need. She is regarded as one of the kindest individuals in the Overwatch world. Overwatch Mercy is a unique person that showed kindness to people who didn’t deserve it but needed it.

Mercy Gameplay in Overwatch

artwork for the best healer in Overwatch

Mercy’s kit is considered to be one of the best support kits ever designed out of any gameplay. Everything that she does is to help her team achieve victory. From damage boosts to healing to one of the best ultimate’s in the game, if you like supporting then we highly recommend picking up Mercy as one of your mains. You can’t go wrong with her in almost any team, as long as you have a tank and a decent defense character you should be able to live long enough to always support your team.Surprisingly Mercy can deal quite a bit of damage and it usually catches the enemy off guard, the Caduceus Blaster is not a weak weapon by any means. It is a great weapon that fits the support champion and can kill and take someone down by itself if used properly. Mercy is a team character that should only be picked if you have a tank and especially if you have a Reinhardt. This tank compliments Mercy well because of his large shield that protects everyone behind it, Mercy takes full advantage of this and heals everyone charging up her ultimate.

Mercy is at her best when using her Caduceus Staff. By using the left mouse button, you can sent a stream of healing towards a member of your team that you are currently targeting. Once this is done, it is best to use your damage buff instead. By right clicking your right mouse button you can use the staff to inflict a buff of 30% extra damage to whatever your targeted teammate is firing with. The best tactic is to use this when your teammate is in the process of doing their ultimate which just compounds the damage done to the enemy and ensures an easy kill, or multiple kills.