Overwatch Pharah

Pharah using her power ability in a night map

Pharah’s real name is actually Fareeha Amari. Fareeha was born and grew up in Egypt, her hometown was ravaged by the evil robots known as the Omnics, during this crisis Egypt was safe from invasion due to its strange location. It watched as most of the western world fell into chaos and the robots were taking over. Egypt decided that it would not fortify itself and it did not improve its military in case the rest of the world fell. This would prove to be their greatest mistake.

Pharah joined the Egyptian military and quickly rose through its ranks becoming one of its most distinguished officers. Pharah did not like what was going on in the rest of the world. She thought that her country needed to help others in need and thought that she could help even if it was just a little by joining the military. Pharah knew that the government of Egypt was scared of the Omnics and they had decided not to bulk up their military. The Omnics however knew of this and attacked Egypt for this specific reason alone. They were caught completely off guard and Cairo it’s capital city became a slaughterhouse for the robots. Pharah was one of the lead officers in command of scouting the area and what she saw left a scar on her the rest of her life. She saw woman and children among men all dead lying in the streets. She knew that she had to become stronger to face this foe and Egypt knew too.

Pharah in selection screen pose

After the defeat of the Omnics Overwatch disbanded and Egypt felt safe. They have bolstered their defenses and managed to defeat the presence of the evil robots in it’s lands, the country and the rest of the world was safe once more. Although Overwatch was interested in Pharah due to her courageous actions in her country the organization disbanded and was never to be heard from again. Officially Overwatch Pharah could not happen but that did not deter her. She took up the prototype Raptora Mark VI suit and took to the skies with it, with this new suit she was able to rain bullets to all the enemies on the ground. She took a job as a security guard in a special organization that protects innocent people. Justice is Pharah’s main goal in life and wherever she goes whether she be on the job or not she will always be protecting the innocent.

Pharah Gameplay in Overwatch

Deadliest mid-range hero in overwatch

Pharah is one of the best mid to long range heroes in the game. Her play style is completely unique and nobody else has a play style like Pharah’s. Usually your job will be just to take the skies and shoot down enemies with your rockets from you basic weapon. Pharah excels are capture the objective because she is very mobile when she uses her jet boosters. Taking to the skies however does have it’s disadvantages, you become very slow when you are actually in the air making you a prim and easy target for snipers like Hanzo and Widowmaker. Anyone who has a good long to mid range game will be able to interrupt you whenever you do cast your ult. Since it is a channeled cast you will have to use it at the highest point when you jump into the air to get the most use and surprise factor from it. Pharah is one of the best team players in the game and is a great pick up since she is a very strong hero.

If you can manage to get a direct hit out of Falcon’s Rocket Launcher you will deal significant damage. This, however, is not the easiest way to get a hit off. Try aiming at the ground where you will expect the enemy to be by the time the rocket hits. Even if you don’t hit them directly, you will do splash damage. It even had a small knockback which can be quite useful if they are close to an edge. It is best to keep in mind that although they can really hurt your enemies, they can hurt Pharah as well so don’t use that ability in too close of a space.