Overwatch for PS4, is it good?

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Overwatch has now been released! We are taking a first hand look at Activision Blizzard’s newest game and their first new IP since the 1990s. So far the action packed high shooting game has been hailed by critics and players alike to be one of the best new games out there we deciding to check out out ourselves to see what all the fuss is about .Although Overwatch is mainly played in the PC, this time we are checking out on ps4.

When you first enter the game you are greeted to log in to your battle.net account to continue. After that you go into a general screen that has you statistics, character information, quick play, and many more options. It looks like Blizzard has made it possible for you and everyone else to see your statistics on every champion even documenting how many hours you played that champion. You can see how many kills and the most kills you have had in one game in this statistics screen. Overall the statistics pages get a perfect 10/10 in how much info Blizzard provides to you the actual player.

Playing Overwatch in Play Station 4 or PC?

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Who has the edge in this game? Ps4 players or the PC players? We have tried out both to find that out for ourselves. It looks like the console can sometimes give you a bit of a faster reaction time when playing more slow paced longer range heroes such as Widowmaker or Hanzo. Genji and Roadhog appear to have more of an edge in the ps4 as well. Slower close range champions where you have to focus to aim, such as Reaper or Roadhog appear to have the advantage in the PC. The differences certainly are there between the two platforms. Over all it comes down to preference. It looks like each platform both the PC and Overwatch for ps4 seem to have their ups and downs. Were going to call this one even.

The playstation 4 has long been regarded as one of the top gaming consoles along the the Xbox one to play first person shooter games on. Overwatch seems to deviate from the original first person shooter route and has adapted many new key features from other genres such as the MOBA. Adding four abilities and an in depth play style with everyone it certainly seems to be laying out the foundation for more types of these shooting games to come. Some of the playstation 4’s exclusive and iconic games like Uncharted and Call of Duty seem to be falling in popularity with the rise of PC gaming. There is still a large people playing on the console but it has been slowly declining.

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None the less the Playstation has survived decades of trials and tribulations that most other consoles simply have not. With Sony adding new features to every console keeping it fresh and alive it truly stands as a model for all other consoles to follow. The graphics have improved so much throughout the years making games like Overwatch on ps4 to look extremely fresh and new. Is it just the behemoth of the company that Activision Blizzard is driving the popularity of the game? Or is Overwatch perhaps here to stay for the long haul ready to survive the test of time. We rate Overwatch a 9/10 overall as of right now. There are still a few kinks that have to be fixed in terms of balance, but players are confident changes will be made to the game. Overwatch on the ps4 has been released!

Overwatch has pretty consistent updates on the PS4 as it does on all its other platforms like the PC or Xbox, but recently an update came that was exclusive to PS4 that raised some eyebrows among its userbase. It has been known for some time that exclusively on the PS4 version of Overwatch players have noted odd lag and input problems with their controllers which has made it harder to play than on other platforms. But luckily, Blizzare has released a “aim smoothing” patch which according to them will make the game’s controller play more like other shooters, something players have been asking for since it’s release.