Overwatch Reinhardt

Reinhardt awesome art

Reinhardt was a German soldier that fought for Overwatch and was one part of the original strike team that helped combat the Omnics during the global crisis. Reinhardt considered himself to be a German knight that still held all of the values of the knights of old. He was a chivalrous man who 30 years ago was at the peak of his physical strength. He helped combat against the Omnics and many other evil organizations around the world.

Reinhardt was best friends with Torbjorn the man who helped him keep and maintain his armor in top shape. Together they went out to face the toughest of the robots and syndicates across the world. As time grew by the Overwatch organization was no longer needed after the Omnic crisis, Reinhardt was also growing old. At the age of 55 he thought that he could still keep on going and fight evil wherever it may be. However Overwatch had a rule that no soldier no matter how important he may be was not allowed to fight over the age of 55. Reinhardt grew sad because he knew that he could still very well fight mainly because of his armor. Eventually he came to the realization that no matter what he would have said he would have to hang up his armor and retire from the strike team and organization. Overwatch Reinhardt was no more after his 56th birthday.

Overwatch the best tank hero in game

He had many friends but one of them Jack Morrison, more commonly known as Soldier: 76 was not only his team commander but also his best friend. Morrison ended up dying in an Overwatch facility that blew up and everyone thought that he perished with it. He did live to become Soldier: 76 in secret and kept saving lives. Reinhardt after the Overwatch organization came to an end did something very similar. He once again took up his knightly armor and went out into the world to save lives wherever he may be needed. Overwatch Reinhardt was beloved by the global community and his unique look and legendary status made him famous wherever he went. Just by showing up in a city the criminals would know not to commit any crimes in fear of being killed or captured by Reinhardt. He was a true modern knight for the times that always upheld his honor.

How does Reinhard play while in-game?

Once in some remote part of the world he went out to perform his usual duty of maintaining the peace where he encountered a group of people that were being terrorized by dragons. Reinhardt saw this as a perfect opportunity for him to help save people. He went out to hunt the dragons himself, he found them in a den and managed to kill them when they slept, he returned back to the town and became Reinhardt the Dragonslayer.

Reinhardt without the mask unique

Reinhardt is one of the best tanks in the game due to his high base hp with armor and his shield. His shield is best for escort the payload maps where you can stand on top of the payload and have a Bastion or Torbjorn turret behind you killing everything on sight. He is best when paired up with a Mercy support since Mercy takes full advantage of his shield by hiding behind it. You have a pocket healer with Mercy and she can also resurrect you when needed. Overall Reinhardt is definitely a tank that stays true to his name, with his powerful defenses and earth shattering ultimate few tanks can stand up to Reinhardt one on one and live.

The only way Reinhardt can deal damage without a cooldown is by using his Rocket Hammer. A melee only weapon with a free swing. It has a damage of 75 to all enemies in an arc in front of him and has a slight knockback. This Rocket Hammer is best used in close spaces where it is difficult for the enemy to escape as it is hard to counter. McCree and Reaper should best be avoided in melee range however as they have a good chance of killing Reinhardt. For example, McCree’s flashbang will almost certainly kill you if it is not blocked by your shield.