Full Overwatch Review

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Now that Overwatch has been out for a while we decided to purchase the game and check it out. It been raved by critics and fans alike for its new game play new character designs and the company behind it all is the giant Activision Blizzard. Blizzard originally start developing Overwatch as a game called Titan. It was a massive project and it was supposed to be an MMO game like their big success that is World of Warcraft. Somewhere along the lines Blizzard decided that they simply could not finish Titan due to the colossal size of the project and many other things. They managed to redesign a whole new game from the ashes of Titan and Overwatch was born.

Now we will mainly cover the game play and the general feel of the game in this Overwatch review. The amount of characters that the game has at launch is truly a testament to the creative capabilities by the Blizzard team. They managed to create a whole new world giving each of the characters a home, a purpose, their own personality and this is what makes great games. Every single player who plays Overwatch can have a favorite character and a character that they not only relate to but become one with. All the “heroes” as they are called in the game have gone around and done the best job they can to maintain peace from evil groups that want to throw the entire world into absolute chaos. That is the gist of what the Overwatch world is about in the lore.

Overwatch’s Main Inspiration

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Overwatch has followed the popular game Team Fortress 2 in terms of it’s fast paced matches and every single match has a purpose of capturing some objective. In Overwatch they are mainly Capturing points, escort missions or defending points. There is no team death match although kills are just as important as they would be in any first person shooter game. Killing out the entire enemy team can speed up the whole game since you would be able to capture or defend the objectives much faster. Every objective has a time limit and in some cases if you or your teammates are on the point it can increase that time limit going into overtime.

end thoughts about the gameIn terms of character design and gameplay Blizzard really has done a terrific job in diversifying every hero. There are different types of roles and every hero fits into one of these four roles: defense, offense, support, tank. Every single hero seems to be good and playable, they all serve a specific role in the team. When playing Bastion for example it is mainly for defense so you can keep the enemy for getting to your objective. The traditional support narrative has been completely redesigned by Blizzard. Supports can actually kill and take down enemies and in some cases multiple enemies at once, yet they do provide some sort of support for their team.

The tank role looks like it has been kept as a traditional tank but with a twist. Every single tank is not just some meat shield that will take damage all game and not do any themselves. A tank like Roadhog can very easily do a one-shot combo on a single enemy by himself. D.Va is also able to take down multiple opponents and has one of the highest damage outputs in the game. Overall this Overwatch analysis has been fun to do and we give Overwatch a solid 8/10. Remember the game is always more fun when playing with friends. This concludes this Overwatch review.

In the future, Overwatch intends to expand on the great aspects of this game. Some of these include the return of Events, and their various items and brawls and a slew of custom game options to go along with the new Overwatch server browser. These will include alternative firing abilities, disabling primary weapons, or melee attacks. We could also expect to see passwords and team switching. An unfortunate downside is the possibility of disabling exp gain in custom games. Three new legendary skins are coming to Hanzo and one new one for Sombra.