Overwatch Roadhog

Overwatch has the best tank hero

Whenever the Omnic crisis was over Australia was left to become a desolate wastelands with many of it’s citizens now dead or gone there was barely anyone left in the country. For the few people that survived or stayed they were left to fend for themselves in the wilderness. Eventually outside help came and re-established the Australian government with the help of the elected officials that survived. However there were still a bunch of citizens displaced and whose whereabouts were unknown. Mako Rutledge was one of these.

Mako hated the government for not helping them do anything, the people who were out scavenging in the wilderness were known as Junkers. Mako or Roadhog as he is called in Overwatch used to be a former bouncer and bodyguard when life was still normal before the crisis happened. He and a group of survivors decided to band together in order to survive and take back stolen lands from the government and robots that stole it in the wake of the disaster. The Australian Liberation Front was formed and they went out killing anyone who opposed them. They eventually did succeed in most of their causes allowing Mako to return to a normal life temporarily. All was well until once again the Outback was ravaged by outsiders, Mako saw his home become into a desolate forsaken place and with it the person Mako was left behind.

Incredible firepower by Roadhog

Mako was no longer himself, he started wearing a mask and became a serial killer which the world knows as Roadhog. This new being that Mako had become was compromised of pure evil and wanted to see no human or robot live if it was not beneficial for him. Roadhog went on giant crime sprees murdering everyone who he thought should not be alive, robbing banks, and stealing from others with no care for human life. Roadhog became the most wanted criminal in the country after a short amount of time. He did almost get caught by some cop bots which are police robots but act as police members. He killed off the cop bots but escaped with his life hiding in the mountains. This is where he met Junkrat a fellow Junker that was being chased around by gangs, police, and country hunters. The two decided to team up and formed an inseparable bond, some of the old Mako had re appeared.

How does Roadhog play in Blizzard’s FPS?

Junkrat and Roadhog became friends that also formed a mutual partnership that made them go on crime sprees with sharing 50% of the loot each. This was extremely beneficial for the both of them because individually they could be taken down, but together almost nobody would take them down in the country. Overwatch Roadhog and Junkrat were the two most feared villains in all of Australia, with Roadhog to protect Junkrat while he made explosives that could tear down whole cities they became an unstoppable force. They did eventually expand beyond their country and started going all over the world in crime sprees. The organization known as Overwatch took notice of these two and decided to go after them.

character selection screen for roadhog

This is where things were made tough for the duo. They had some of the strongest fighters in the world coming after the. They did eventually end up getting caught at a bank Heist in El Dorado, a Mexican city located in a somewhat remote area. The bounties placed on the two reached $25 million before they got taken down by the elite Overwatch agents.

Roadhog in Overwatch is one of the best if not the best offensive tank. He has a deadly hook shot combination that will one shot most squishy heroes that he does manage to catch with it. Overwatch Roadhog is an extremely formidable tank that should be played with a good support like Lucio backing him up. Make sure to use your ult only in defensive or offensive team fight situations where you can catch at least 4 of them off guard with it. Always use your Take a breather whenever you can as well and you should be able to win most of your games!