Overwatch Skins

all overwatch heroes posing with new skins

Hello everyone, this weeks topic of discussion will be all about those cool skins available in Overwatch. From Safari Winston to Punk Tracer Blizzard has really done a superb job in terms of creativity with this game. If you managed to get your hands on a pre order copy of Overwatch on any console like the PS4 or PC it came with an exclusive Niore Widowmaker skin that you won’t be able to get after the release date. The Niore Widowmaker appears to just be a recolor of Widowmakers base colors, but if you look more closely at it it has some additional features like an extra belt and additions onto the sniper rifle design.

Overwatch skins portray each hero in a different personality. The skins are not the hero in the actual lore but an explanation of what that hero could or would have become in another reality or dimension. The Origins skins are true to the lore however, they are Black Watch Reyes, Strike Commander Morrison, Slipstream Tracer, Security Chief Pharah, and Overgrown Bastion. Each one represent what that hero was before the world got thrown into chaos in the Overwatch world. Reaper used to be a part of the Overwatch team before an accident caused him to turn evil and go rogue. Soldier 76 used to be the strike commander for the Overwatch team when he was younger. They are all a past reflection of the heroes you currently play in the game.

Top Rated Overwatch Skin:

personal opinion genjis best skin

One of the most popular champions to play in the game is Reindhardt who has more skins than every other hero. People regard Stonehart Reindhardt as the best Overwatch skin for him. Skins are really just a personal preference for the player and for the champion that you play as. You may like some skins and some champions more than other and your friend could have a different opinion from you, but what matters is if you like it. Skins are supposed to be fun aesthetic things inside the game where players can have some customization for a character that they really love to play and enjoy. Usually they are not a thing to be taken seriously and should not be by any means.

Full red custom skin for Mcree

Skins have three tiers of rarity: rare, epic, and legendary. Legendary skins are the hardest and rarest to obtain out of all the Overwatch skins. All skins can be bought straight from the store using the in game currency that you can get from loot crates. As of right now that actual in game currency is only available from loot crates and you cannot buy it directly. You can however buy loot crates in the bundle, up to 50 of them to be exact. Loot crates do hold skins from time to time and they even have a chance to drop legendary skins and the in game currency used by Overwatch. The most common type of skin you get from the crates are the rare tier of skins.

Rare tier skins are usually just recolors of the base form or recolors of some of the armor in the base form. Epic skins usually recolor the whole champion and make them look well.. more epic than the base form and they are a tier above the rare skins. Legendary skins are a whole redesign of the champion and make the champion look completely different such as Mariachi Reaper. Overall there is enough variety in Overwatch skins to keep us all happy for a while. Blizzard will keep adding more skins as time goes on as well as introduce new heroes.

More Legendary skins are planned for 2017, and online publications have reported in recent months that we should expec to see a Sombra legendary skin, Three new Hanzo legendary skin’s that are in production. Two will have unique skins and one will be recolored. If you are not a PC player you can expect the Heroes of the Storm exclusive skins to be made available on the console sometime this year. They will become available in normal loot boxes. Overwatch’s last seasons event: Overwatch Uprising, saw a plethora of new feature such a new four-player PvE brawl among other feature comes with a handful of new character skins for Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer, and Torbiorn.