Overwatch Soldier: 76

powerful abilities by Soldier 76

Solider: 76’s identity may be unknown today, but a long time ago he was perhaps the most famous face on Earth. John Morrison grew up in Indiana where he was the son of a farmer but had the heart and spirit of a warrior.To his father it seemed like he was destined for greatness not on his farm but somewhere else. That boy grew up to become Strike Commander Morrison head of all Overwatch military operation across the globe.

After Morrison turned 18 he enlisted into the U.S. Army where he gained a whole skill set that he could have only imagined in his dreams. His fighting and physical capabilities were quickly recognized by the Overwatch elite team Black Watch, but his superiors had other plans for him. He went into an experimental program where his physical stats were increased to exceed the human limits. He gained superhuman strength, agility, and intelligence all thanks to this experimental program. He became one of the best soldiers in the whole army and went on to almost achieve general rank in it. The army however was thrown into chaos and was dispatched into the front lines when the Omnic crisis happened all over the United States. Morrison was at the heat of the battle many times and thanks to all of his augments physical capabilities he lead large groups of infantry members and had success in every battle he fought.

Soldier 76 in Overwatch is born

heroic soldier 76 in fight

The army however was toppled by the Omnics eventually and a larger global organization had to be formed in order to defeat them. Overwatch was this organization and they managed to save the world. John Morrison was one of the fiercest combatants in the battle field. He was a part of the original strike team with Overwatch and one of its first soldiers, with the help of his team the Omnics were eventually defeated and the world was safe and at peace once again. John Morrison was appointed as the first strike commander an honor that had no equal. This title was given and was recognized to be the leader of the whole Overwatch military organization and Morrison felt proud of what he had done. This sense of elation however was bittersweet because his best friend Gabriel Reyes was overlooked for the position and it caused separation between the two. Reyes was furious that he was overlooked when he did just as much as Morrison did.

Overwatch 76

The two eventually had a falling out where their personal armies battled each other in an old Overwatch facility in the Swiss Alps. The battle was so fierce that the whole place blew up and it caused a massive explosion killing almost everyone inside of it. When people went to go check out what happened Reyes and Morrison were presumed to have been dead from it. Both managed to live but everyone thought that they died. Overwatch’s Hero Soldier: 76 was left scarred from the explosion but he continued to perform his duty without anyone knowing his identity. Soldier: 76 traveled all around the world keeping it at peace making sure that no crimes were done under his watch. His new life mission is to expose what really happened that led to the downfall of Overwatch, taking down all the evil organizations one by one single-handedly.

Soldier 76 is a combat heavy, offensive hero. His Heavy Pulse Fire is a standard weapon in just about every way. It’s a rifle like any you’d find an FPS with a capability of firing off a series of rapid shots. It is quite effective in taking down an enemy hero’s health pool with a significant magazine size. He also has in his possession a Helix Rockets (RMB) which is best used with a difficult to kill hero. It’s a standard rocket barrage, with a good amount of splash damage, and is best used against turrets and tanks from a decent range. Soldier is quite agile, utilizing his Sprint by pressing Shift allows Soldier: 76 to move forward at a faster speed temporarily. It is best used for averting danger in a sticky situation where the rockets are not enough to finish off a kill.