Overwatch Symmetra

character selection screen of the teleporting symmetra

Symmetra has some of the coolest abilities in the Overwatch world. Satya Vaswani is her real name and she hails from India, she was born in a very rural village where there is little water and food but thanks to her great intellect she managed to overcome all of this and make a better life for herself and her family. She went on to create some of the most cutting edge technology available in the world, everything was fine and peaceful in India until the Omnic crisis occurred. Thousands of people were displaced from their homes and their way of life was changed forever, with most of Symmetra’s family dead she knew that she had to seek shelter in another country.

She went out to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where the robots had not invaded yet. It was considered one of the best safe havens in the world, sadly the crisis came to Brazil and history repeated itself there as well. Thanks to Overwatch the world eventually overcame disaster and extinction at the hands of robots and defeated the Omnics not only in India but in Brazil as well. Symmetra was able to return to her homelands where things were in a giant boom economy. All seemed well and one homegrown corporation named Vishkar was leading the way. Vishkar was a company that did construction and helped poor families in need. Things seemed well but there was a dark secret and a things seemed well but hidden agenda to this corporation which Symmetra eventually figured out. She went out and joined the corporation to attempt to dismantle it all by herself. The company was producing music and brainwashing the people into buying more of their products.

Sym while playing in-game

Overwatch Symmetra was someone that followed the path of justice and would not allow such an injustice to happen in her own home under her watch especially after a giant world war broke just got done being fought. With her unique technology that was able to bend light and the reality around it she easily got a job as the head of the technology center in Vishkar, she found out that Brazil was the spot where it got hit the hardest and sought out to destroy it at it’s core. With the help of Lucio, Symmetra was able to take out all of the devices that Vishkar had employed and she was able to liberate that country. slowly but surely after the corruption was exposed Symmetra was granted the position as the head of the company thanks to her efforts in helping the company succeed by expelling the corruption.

Incredible teleporting abilities by Symmetra

Symmetras awesome artworkShe made a vow to the people of Rio that their cities would be rebuilt using the latest and best technology available in the world. Symmetra was able to keep that vow and Vishkar also saw an increase in sales there as well. Overwatch Symmetra is one of the best and most kind people inside of the Overwatch world.

Symmetra inside the game is a fairly simple character to play. She plants down her turret sentries inside of a room making it a trap and they kill anyone who walks in within seconds. You also have an ability that gives away armor and should always be used whenever it is up and on everyone on your team. The teleporter is also one of the most unique abilities in the game, it help you and your team get to the fight faster and easier allowing the team to have an advantage in capture or defend the objective maps. There will be more details to come in the Symmetra guide so keep an eye out for it’s release!

Symmetra is a mostly defensive based hero as it is quite difficult to use her Sentry Turrets or Teleporter effectively when on the attack. The Photon Barrier and swift movement from Teleporter still has use for an Attack team however. Proper placement of Sentry Turrets can take quite some time to master. They possess a decent vertical flying range, and are capable of being placed while jumping. If you are versing a hero such as Pharah eye for protected vertical areas where you can place the turrets that will hit her as she is flying. That will profoundly reduce her mobility.