Overwatch Torbjorn

gameplay selection screen for Torbjörn

Torbjorn is known and recognized worldwide for his creative engineering feats. He has developed some of the most advanced weapons in the Overwatch world, before he got into the Overwatch organization he was a blacksmith that was creating innovative weapon designs in a small village. When the Omnic crisis happen Torbjorn was aware that the robots could not be trusted and had been saying for years that one day they would rise up and rebel. His worst fears came true one day when a large group of Omnic sentry robots started massacring humans all over the world.

And organization other than the military was needed to combat the Omnics and Overwatch was born. Torbjorns skills in blacksmithing and engineering were instantly recognized by some of the top minds in the world and brought him on board. He had a spark within him that wanted to beat every single evil robot on Earth. He was dedicated in doing just that. He used the best raw materials and metals to create huge iron clad suits like Reinhardts in order to combat the Omnic threat, he did not stop there at making things either he went on to create turret weapons that could match the Bastion sentries. These turrets proved to be a key piece to winning the Omnic war that was going on. He provided an invaluable resource with his power of creation, Overwatch had managed to get some of the most technologically advanced weapons all thanks to Overwatch Torbjorn. He proved to be one of the top 3 pieces into winning the Omnic war.

artwork of the best defensive hero in overwatch

Torbjorn was part of the initial Overwatch strike team, the group of people that first launched an attack against the evil robots causing destruction all around the world. After the war was over he became a symbol of technological advancement and innovation. Torbjorn is considered to be a true Overwatch hero thanks to all the efforts that he provided. He still to this day works day and night inside Overwatch facilities working on new weapons and making even better defense systems for the world to strengthen itself in case an attack ever happens again. A new threat however did arise and this time everyone was ready for it. The Omnics managed to steal one of Torbjorns design and make it their own turning it into a giant war machine. The Titan war machine was capable of leveling cities on it’s own.

Is Torb the easiest character to play?

mid combat Torbjorn

Torbjorn felt responsible for the creation of this because it was his original design, although he did not partake in the making of it becoming a war machine he felt responsible and had to help out. Torbjorn went out and took the mantle of responsibility to topple that machine down. He went out to the heat of the battle where the mech was and infiltrated it with the help of his friend Sven. Sven had helped him get all the way into the core of the machine where most of the design that Torbjorn created was still intact. Torbjorn bypassed all the security systems in it and down went the destroyer of worlds. He received a large amount of praise for this and his legacy was cemented as one of the legendary heroes of the world.

Torbjorn in game is arguably one of the easiest characters to play. You can build turrets and rack up kills all while you sit back and run around in some situations. Overwatch Torbjorn and Bastion are probably the two best defensive characters in the game thanks to their turrets and a must have for any team on defense. There will be more gameplay info coming up in the guide!