Overwatch Tracer

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Tracer is the Overwatch poster child as they like to call it. Tracer is all over anything and everything Overwatch, in the front of the game case, posters, and events. A life sized Tracer was even made and put in London for the Overwatch release promotion! Yet few people know about the Tracer story. Tracer’s real name is Lena Oxton from London, England. Tracer was not born with the super powers she now has, she gained them from a freak accident on a plane.

Lena was the youngest pilot ever to enter the experimental Slipstream program by Overwatch. She was sent out on a regular routine mission that seemed to be going well until the plane’s flight time program had a malfunction. This malfunction made the plane with Lena inside of it disappear off the radar and even worse it was as if they didn’t even exist. The first effects that Lena noticed were that she start to shift into an ethereal like form that made her transparent. Time also slowed down due to the large amount of time she was lost inside the plane. Eventually Overwatch managed to track down the plane when they saw it hovering above a city, but it was far too late Lena had been changed forever. She was suffering from a disease that affected her and space and time around her.

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All the best doctors and experts from Overwatch tried to find a cure for this or a way to stop the shifting but none managed to do so. Until Winston a leading scientist created a device which holds in the disease and is able to make the person stay as a solid and not transparent figure. Overwatch Tracer was born from this, after finding the cure she became one of the leading agents for the organization being sent around the world to combat evil Omnics and eliminate all the syndicates that want to throw the world into chaos for their own profit.

The most popular hero is here: Tracer!

In the game Tracer is a low hp fast damage dealing assassin type of hero. Tracer is by far the most mobile hero to play in all of Overwatch. Although she is very hard to learn and very hard to master so if you decide to become a Tracer main you certainly have your work cut out for you. Tracer fills a very niche role in the game where the objective is to end games as fast as possible by flanking your opponents from behind and dealing killing blows to their squishy targets.

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Tracer has a very unique kit that involves space and time itself staying true to her very story. The best Tracer players know when to pull back and rewinding time in order to save themselves and then going back in using the movement speed boost that Tracer has in order to finish the job. As the hardest to play champion regarded by some she can take a whole lot of time and patience to master. The ultimate Chrono bomb can win games by itself if delivered into the middle of the enemy team.Tracer of Overwatch seems to be one of the most popular characters to play in the game right now and for good reason. She is a fun character that you can just pick up and enjoy your game play experience on. Whenever you do pick Tracer make sure that you have a team to back you up as without a good support she can just down right fail in the role.

Tracer has a great pair of Pulse Pistols which deal the majority of her damage. It really isn’t quite high, but it can be quickly emptied and reloaded which makes it quite deadly. It is best used in pair with Blink and a fully loaded weapon. Tracer’s true ability allows her to teleport in front of her a bit, and up to three times before it has to be recharged again. This can be combined directionally as well to do rapid strafing left to right, and even leaping across air gaps. If you go the wrong direction or find yourself being flanked you can activate by Recall by pressing E and that will teleport you back to where you were three seconds ago.