Overwatch Widowmaker

true sniper hero in overwatch

Widowmaker is considered to be the true sniper on Overwatch. With her ability to get to high sniping places and lay out deadly poison traps to anyone who gets close she is an extremely deadly hero in the right hands. However Widowmaker was not always Widowmaker as we see her today in the game. She used to be a normal woman leading a normal life until the evil organization Talon came along and ruined all of that. Talon sought to make an assassin who could do all their dirty work efficiently and flawlessly. They decided that Amélie Lacroix would become the Widowmaker they’ve been seeking.

Amélie Lacroix was the subject of a number of experiments that exposed her to life threatening diseases and forced her body to raise all of its senses to the max. She also had to go intense training through torture like waterboarding and electrocution of the body. Slowly but surely Amélie Lacroix was losing her will and she was being broken into pieces. This was all part of Talon’s plan to make it so that she would no longer remember her past self and only what she would become. They erased all of her past memory through electrocution and surgery methods, Widowmaker was being born. After she passed every single exercise of training she was ready to take up arms and go on her first mission.

widowmaker closeup face

Under the code name: Widowmaker her mission was to seduce and kill an Overwatch scientist that had been a thorn in Talon’s operations for a long time. She would be successful in her first mission as she managed to go as far as marrying the scientists whose name was Gerard Lacroix, he fell in love with Amelia and even showed her around the facility and secrets to the most restricted projects and pass codes. This information proved to become invaluable to the Talon organization, when the time came to kill Widowmaker killed her husband while he was sleeping and escaped into the shadows. The police and Overwatch were stunned of what happened and the most elite agents knew that it had to have been Talon that were the ones who carried out this deed.

Widowmaker one of the best damage dealing heroes in the game!

Her next mission was to steal the Doomfist gauntlet in Kings Row accompanied by the mercenary only known as Reaper. Her and the mercenary went out into London to take this iconic fist and use it for the Talon organization to their own benefit. This plan however failed thanks to the help of Overwatch agents Tracer and Winston. The two agents teamed up against Widowmaker saving the day not only for themselves but for the rest of the world. If they would get the Doomfist a large portion of the world would be in trouble because of its destructive power. Heroes once against triumphed over the forces of evil and once again the world was saved thanks to Overwatch agents.

selection screen for widowmaker

Widowmaker is a deadly accurate sniper in Overwatch. She has all the tools that a sniping assassin needs to succeed, her most powerful however is her sniper rifle. A 100% charged shot deals enough damage to take down a target’s health by over half most of the time. Generally when you do play Overwatch Widowmaker you only want to go for squishy targets and not tanks unless they are low on health. You are able to kill most people with 2 shots and are great at scavenging kills. Remember not to stay in one sniping spot too long because if you get caught by another sniper then you can die, Pharah and Genji also give you some trouble when it comes to getting caught. Always be aware of your position and find the best sniping spots.

Widowmaker has went through several updates over the years including this recent one:

Widow’s Kiss: Scoping-in animation time has been reduced from 0.5 to 0.33 seconds

Dev Comments: This change will help Widowmaker acquire new targets more quickly and speed up her reaction time in fast-paced situations.