Overwatch Winston

ultra powerful full attack mode from Winston

Before Winston was known as the brilliant Overwatch scientist he used to be a regular gorilla. Although regular in terms of the Overwatch world, he was genetically modified to be much smarter than the animals in the wild and even have and intelligence that surpasses most humans. Winston was raised by Professor Winston of the Overwatch facility located in Gibraltar. Initially he had no name and was just considered a test subject for a very important program to decoding the genome of life.

Winston as an infant enjoyed what other baby gorillas liked, peanut butter and bananas were his favorite treats mainly. He was launched into outer space to the Lunar Horizon Colony all the way out into the moon. The scientists on Earth wanted to find out what kind of implication being exposed to space would have on a mammal body and they were using these gorillas as their test subjects. Winston and his fellow apes grew up to become full grown adults and weren’t exposed into any danger at all while on the moon. They did however realize that their purpose on the moon was to be experiments for humans. The primates had a giant rebellion in the moon base and killed off all the humans that were there. They took over the moon as their headquarters and slowly were dying due to the lack of supplies that were inside of that base. Winston took the only pod back to Earth since he did not partake in the murder of the humans and proved to the people of Earth that he was not a monster.

Winston as the strongest character in Overwatch?

Winston looking incredibly confused

He showed exceptional intelligence all throughout his life yet he still had no name. People only referred to him as the experiment numbers that were assigned to him. Dr Harold Winston however took note of this exceptional creature and made him his apprentice. Dr. Harold taught him all about science and nature and how to make things like particle beams and other complicated machines. Winston was a very fast learner that picked up on all of this with stunning accuracy, Dr. Harold called him the best student hes ever had. Dr. Harold however was tragically killed in an accident involving some other gorillas and in the wake of this the experimental gorilla took the doctor’s last name as his own and called himself Winston from then on.

Winston went on to create incredible new devices like the Chronal Accelerator which cured many chronological disease like the one Tracer had as the most intelligent hero in the crew. All the armor that you see Tracer wearing is the suit that Winston himself created for her. Overwatch Winston also went on to fight and partake in many mission of combat not just science for the organization, he fought and defeated one of the strongest enemies in the world Doomfist. He took up the Doomfist gauntlet and decided to display it in a museum to deter anyone that had been inspired by the evil that he was.

smartest hero in overwatch in combat

Winston is a great tank that is great for killing off an flanking enemy snipers and squishy targets. With his ultimate Primal rage he becomes one of the strongest characters in all of Overwatch, all of his base starts increase to make him an nearly unkillable target. Winston is great vs squishy targets or even close range specialists like Reaper and McCree, his high armor reduction against them make him a very tough opponent and one of the best team fighting opponents in the game.

One of the great things about Winston is his Tesla Cannon. The Tesla Cannon is very useful for players that are not very good at aiming. It is capable of breaking through protective shields and barriers that stand between you and the target. If multiple targets are nearby his lightning bolt will spread to all of them, dealing damage. The trick with Winston is to keep moving like a gorilla and in the heat of battle. Use Protective Barrier especially when taking objectives as it can protect your team from damage, but still allows them to deal damage to the enemy team.