Overwatch Zarya

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Zarya is a Russian bodybuilding prodigy. She grew up in a small Russian village on the Siberian Tundra and was born when the Omnic crisis first happened. Due to this her family was forced to move to the other side of the country where it was still safe from the evil robots. Although Zarya could not understand what was going on at the time as she grew up she slowly started realizing the terror that were the Omnic robots. They completely wiped out most of her country leaving it a complete and total wasteland.

The people of Russia had to fight back and fight back hard otherwise there were be very few Russians left on Earth. The Russian people had a strong resolve and a will to not let themselves be exterminated, they went out and fought valiantly in every single battle that occurred, slowly they started to take back all their lands. Eventually the Russian forces won the war in their country thanks to the help of Overwatch agents backing them up and they took back their whole country. Zarya was able to lead a normal life and she started seeking out bodybuilding and weightlifting as her means to help help forget about what happened in the past. She could not forget however and decided that she would become a protector of the people and would never allow such a thing to happen in her country ever again. She used her great strength as a defensive tool in case the robots were to return to Russia.

How does Zarya play in-game?

Zarya he bset ultimate in the game

Zarya had good reasons to fear this because an unknown threat was hiding out in the Siberian Tundra. At some of the most northern parts of the world some robots had managed to escape into the large mountain and forested areas. The Siberian Omnics as they were called launched their attack into the southern part of Russia where not only the civilians but the military also was caught off guard. This attack proved to be as strong as the first but after the Russian military and Overwatch strengthened themselves they brought the fight directly to them. This was the chance that Overwatch Zarya was waiting for, she trained her whole life and swore to protect not only her friends and family but her country as well. Zarya decided to drop fame and fortune in order to go out and combat the Omnics. She took up weapons given to her by Overwatch and joined their forced to go out into battle. Zarya was hailed as a national hero and an inspiring icon to all the people of Russia, showing that you can be strong and patriotic no matter your age or gender.

strongest hero in Overwatch

Zarya is a very big team play in Overwatch, half of her abilities help out her team in major fights or simple skirmishes. Zarya possess two shields, one for herself and one for a teammate that make them immune to any damage that they are taking. This can save their life if you use it to protect yourself or a team member against an enemy ultimate or if they are under fire. Her ultimate is arguably the strongest ult(ultimate ability) in the game because when used right you can wipe out an entire enemy team all by yourself. Her innate tanking abilities and high damage make her one of the strongest Overwatch heroes in the game.

Some of Zarya’s abilities are most straightforward than most heroes. Her Particle Beam, which can be activated by using Left Mouse Button, fires a beam of energy at her enemies that does decent damage. It unfortunately does not deal significant damage to shields or barriers. Her Explosive Charge shoots a explosive charge that does damage to the first enemy it encounters, as well as delivering some splash damage to enemies around him. It’s best to hold Explosive Charge for when an enemy is further away or hiding in or behind a structure. Reserve Particle Beam to the up close and personal damage and save Explosive Charge to use from a distance. If you find yourself in a sticky situation activate your Particle Barrier by pressing Left Shift. This will deploy a protective shield that takes all incoming damage and points it into her Particle Cannon.