Overwatch Zenyatta

Zenyattas ultimate in action

Overwatch Zenyatta is the peaceful and loving kind monk of the Overwatch world. Although he is discriminated against by humans because he is a robot he has learned to love every single living creature in the world. He is opposed to all violence no matter if it is a protest or a war. He believes that peace is the answer to every world crisis and it is the only way to resolve differences between man and machine in Overwatch. He is considered to be one of the best if not the best monk in the whole world, Zenyatta has achieved a level of piece that transcends that of humans and Omnics.

He was trained in the temple of Nepal high up in the mountains where nobody goes. This temple is dedicated to finding yourself and finding enlightenment within yourself to achieve a state of mind that transcends that of mortals. Zenyatta was just a regular monk in the temple but one day the Nepal temple changed their views on everything ranging from politics, to everyday people. Since the temple was comprised of mainly robots they decided to kill their human counterparts and everyone was on board except Zenyatta. He decided that this was not the path that he had chosen and became an outcast and left the temple of Nepal. All of his peers eventually perished in the great Omnic rebellion when Overwatch came and destroyed all the evil robots.

incredibly powerful monk Zenyatta

Zenyatta became a world traveler teaching what was once taught to him and what he believed in. He preached peace all throughout the world and anyone who came in contact with him was changed forever never to be the same again. Zenyatta became the global icon and one of the world leaders to bring peace and tried to settle the differences between human and machine. Some people still had a sour taste in their mouths after the great war that had happened but Zenyatta managed to change hearts everywhere he went. Thanks to his efforts the world was once again becoming a peaceful and loving place. Zenyatta happened to encounter a young man named Genji in one of the meetings he was in and noticed something strange about him.

Zenyatta extensive lore

selection screen of the most powerful monk

Genji was the son of the infamous Shimada clan that was known for its criminal activities. He wanted to change his way and Zenyatta helped him all throughout his life and became his mentor in not only combat but in the spiritual as well. As time grew by the young man found peace within him and decided that life was something worth living and he too became a wanderer seeking to help the world.

Overwatch Zenyatta in game is a support character that has a unique play style from all the other supports. He only has 2 healing abilities and the rest is all damage. Discord Orb is one the best abilities in the game because anyone who has it takes 50% more damage from all sources allowing your team to take them down very quickly. His ultimate Transcendence can be one of the best ults(ultimate abilities) for escorting payloads or just countering other ultimate abilities like Reapers, Zaryas, Pharahs and anyone who does massive AOE(Area of Effect) damage. He is one of the most squishy character in the game along with Tracer so you generally don’t want to pick a head on fight unless you already have Discord Orb onto them before they see you. Just be aware of your positioning at all time and you should live a long life in the game! There is more to come in the Zenyatta guide.

If a hero with flanking ability (Like Genji or Tracer) gets behind you DON’T RUN; Zenyatta can’t outrun heroes with mobility like them. Instead, try hitting them with an Orb of Discord whilst moving from side to side. If you can get one good headshot or one good bodyshot off from your Discord-empowered Orb of Destruction it would be enough to kill both Genji and Tracer, if they don’t have extra health from Torbjörn or Symmetra. Always try to keep a distance from your team to minimize the damage you receive.

Zenyatta, sensei of the cyborg ninja Genji and one of the greatest monks located in Nepal has joined the Overwatch league to help fight the evil Omnics invading the world.