Awesome Overwatch Gameplay!

hero vs hero in face to face fps combat overwatch

Overwatch has some of the most fun and innovating game play that we have seen in years. From characters like Genji that require you to play like an actual ninja in order to secure kills to Widowmaker that turn you into a true sniping machine. Overwatch does not disappoint by any means in any area whatsoever. Most traditional shooting games are just that, shooters where the objectives are simple and with little variety into them. This has been the staple of first person shooters games for decades and one that has survived the test of time. When the times change so to must games adapt and evolve along with it, Overwatch is the evolution of the traditional shooter.

Incorporating brand new ideas brought in from a MOBA like environment Overwatch’s gameplay seems to have changed the whole paradigm of the shooting game. Each character or champion has 3 core abilities that they can use at all times and there is one more ‘ultimate’ ability which requires time to charge up. With every character having different charge up times for the ultimate ability and requirements that can shorten the cooldown of it such as the more you hit someone with your gun the faster it will charge. It certainly brings a much needed change in the dynamics of how shooters work. The gameplay in Overwatch has layed out the foundations and is pioneering a road for a brand new type of first person shooter that the newer generations of gamers may like. So far Overwatch has been a huge success by all standards and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Differet Overwatch Playmodes

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These vary from capture the point to escort missions and can sometimes just be decided by who kills the most. All three of them are not new game modes but Blizzard has put a twist in them that the majority of players seem to be relishing in. They have two rounds for capture the point which makes games a bit longer than traditional death match play modes, but still have that killing aspect to them. Players have started to become creative by coming up with different strategies for capture the objective. One example is one player picking Reindhardt and another picking Bastion creating a shield on Bastion while he turrets his team to victory on the payload.

There are many different strategies and combination of champion picks that can change the game. One of the biggest features in the Overwatch gameplay is that you can change your character whenever you die. This opens up a whole lot of counter play and skill when making teams. If the enemy has you countered and pinned down then you and your teammates can change your character in the middle of the game to counter their team and possible secure the victory. Think of it like Load outs in other shooting games, except instead of a load out you become a whole different person entirely.

desert map in overwatch player vs player gamemode

Much of the success coming from Overwatch has stemmed from that feature to change characters mid game. In the future for ranked play Blizzard gave the suggestion that they may restrict the number of character changes you can have in one game. This would make you think more wisely about which champions you would want to choose from to counter the enemy team. Using too many swaps could leave you in a position where you cannot win because the wrong champion was selected. Overwatch gameplay has proved to be very fun so far and we can only expect more from here!

Overwatch has released many new gameplay updates since it’s release. In the beginning you could only play through a matchmaking service, Casual or Competitive. Now with the option of the server browser you can take advantage of setting up custom games for you and your friends with custom variables. If you want to do a sniper only match with no cooldowns, you can do it. Or maybe Roadhogg will have something crazy like his health will be tripled against a team of six just regular heroes? The choices are endless and we plan to see Overwatch expand on this in the near future.

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