Project Description

From powerleveling to account maintenance and world quests. You will be in charge of handling accounts and will be reviewed extensively. This is the easiest and has the most fun jobs. Meant for single applicants.

This consists of World Quests, Account Maintenance, Powerleveling

Character name:



What carries can you do?
Powerleveling, World Quests, Account Maintenance



Sending us some screenshots of your character would be helpful for us to verify you. (optional)

Send us your application to

Here is how it works: Your manager will contact you on skype and give you access to our exclusive boosters area. You can input all of your information there and talk to the customer there and in game. The customer can give you their account information there if they do request a pilot if they don’t then do not ask them unless its absolutely necessary. Try and manage his account

For Cash sales you get 60% of the total amount.
For Gold sales you get a custom fixed price of the total amount.