Project Description

We hold the highest standards when it comes to our guilds. Please have the confidence in being able to do carries. Be it in normal-mythic raids or mythic /+ dungeons.

Guild name:
What carries can you do? Example:
EN normal-mythic & mythic+dungeons, Everything
Sending us some screenshots of you with the guild would be helpful for us to verify you. (optional)

Send us your application to

Here is how it works: Your manager will contact you on skype and give you access to our exclusive boosters area. You can input all of your information there and talk to the customer there and in game. The customer can give you their account information there if they do request a pilot if don’t then do not ask them unless its absolutely necessary. You will also receive a google spreadsheet that you both will fill out. You will have to fill out the information and keep that spreadsheet up to date. we give you the battle-tag of the customer, you have a guild representative add them and then you tell them the times, dates and when the service is going to happen, they are expected to show up.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What if the buyer does not show up? If the buyer does not show up, talk to the manager assigned to the guild and they will have a backup buyer for you.
  • What if the backup buyers do not show up? You will have a compensation (money amount) for that week, regardless if you have a buyer or not.
  • Will my guild name ever be given out? Under no circumstances will guild names & player names will be given out to 3rd parties to anyone.
  • For discounted sales do I get the original price cut? You get the discounted cut. For example if an EN raid costs $300 and the buyer uses a coupon code for 20 off you’ll get 60% of $280 not $300.
  • How do you CASH payouts? We pay via PayPal and if you are using our boosters area you can request a payout and it will be payed out automatically every Friday at 4pm EST. A manager can also pay you out manually.
  • How do you handle GOLD payouts? Our banker will get in touch with you or a TRUSTED (this is on you) guild officer that you must approve and let the banker know ahead of time who he is. Every Saturday or Wednesday at 8-10pm EST the banker will log on and trade you the gold there.

If you have any more questions please refer to our or the manager that contacts you.

For Cash sales you get 60% of the total amount.
For Gold sales you get 70% of the total amount.