Privacy Policy

 No names of the buyer are ever disclosed of regardless of the situation or the product purchased. And the same is expected of the buyer to not disclose any names of the players.
 The Data collected by this application are: Browsing usage data,  email, user names, first name, last name and address and phone numbers, skype names. None of these listed are disclosed to third parties or anyone else besides the company. The user assumes responsibility for his/her account of the personal data given to third parties and declares that he or she has the right to communicate or broadcast them, meaning the owner is relieved of all responsibility towards the third party.
 The controller of the data processes the data of the parties and users in a lawful and correct way and takes the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure means, modification or unauthorized parties, and destruction of the data. Processing is done using computers and telematic means. with methods and logs related to the stated purpose. In some cases access to the data may be available to external parties such as- communications agencies, IT companies, hosting providers, mail carriers. The list of managers may be requested from the owner at any time.

 Data is kept as long as the company wants but can be requested by the use for it to be removed or suspended.
 Data concerning the user of the data is collected for the following purposes: Analytics, email managing, sending messages to the user/buyer, content commenting, E-commerce, handling payments, displaying content from external platforms, contact and registration authentication. The use of data for additional purposes by the owner may in some cases for legal puposes require specific consent by the user of the subject data.

 The user’s personal data may be used for legal purposes by the site in court or in the stages leading to possible legal action rising from it’s proper use or that of related services by the user.

 Specific information may be shown on paged of the site concerning services or the data provided by the user or data subject.

 Operational and maintenance purposes this site or any third party service it uses is allowed to collect system logs such as files that record interaction with representatives and navigation. Other personal data such as IP addresses are included in this.

 The owner is able to request any additional information they wish and inquire about anything site or user related. He or shes are limited to their own account and nobody else’s and ID verification may be required.

 The site has the right to change anything in this policy and any point in time. Ensuring analogous protection of the personal information in all cases. It is recommended to check the page often, refering to the last modification listed at the bottom.

 The privacy policy listed here was prepared autonomously with responsibility of the personal data of the owner, taking the modules provided.