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player versus environment in warlords of draenor
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Read this for all the information about PvE runs for Normal, Heroic, and Mythic Difficulty modes

After the initial purchase a scheduler will contact you within 24-48 hours and get you set up in game. If you do not receive or accept the friend request then it is a fault by Blizzard’s real ID system and please contact us via email to get set up. After your date and time has been set up you are expected to show up for the run on the times and dates which are public for everyone to see.

If spots are available on the other faction you can faction change to reserve that spot as well. The guilds completion times vary from 1 night to two nights to clear the instance. If it does go to a second night there will only be one or two bosses left in most instances.

Will I be able to play my own character? – Yes ALL pve services are self play.

Is this on 25 man or 10man? – With the new flexible raiding system we try to get as many raiders possible to maximize the loot drops.

What pieces of gear do I get? – You get the gear for your main spec that you selected for the run (susceptible to change).

Will there be any competition on my run? – We optimize it so that you do not have compete with gear with anyone for the run and spread it apart so that you are getting the full experience out of it.

Do I have to server transfer? –  No server transfer is required as of the most current patch.

Is there an ilvl requirement? – There is NO ilvl requirement needed to purchase any pve item.

Mounts will be awarded after the select boss kill and they are received right away.

Every guild knows what mount and boss you already purchased so they will run you through accordingly; this is set up in a way that there is no confusion about that. You will receive what you ordered.

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Play yourself or you may request a pilot. Includes all the loot drops for your spec/class. If there is another customer if your same spec and class you will roll for the loot. Custom boss requests are also available just send us an email!

Some important notes to keep in mind:

-Times and dates do vary from guild to guild. Wait times are usually no more than 2 weeks(some may be longer)
-You may have to compete with other customers for the runs(if there are any in that run)
-Some guilds do give off pieces for your class. More of them do this later on in the content.
-Contact methods for runs usually come via battletag in-game at first. Usually contacted within 48 hours of purchase
-Pilot runs are available if requested.
-You get the gear for the class/spec that you sign up with. It can be changed via email and no additional charge.

Hi, My name is David and I started playing World of Warcraft about 5 years ago however I quit for a long period of time and then got back to it just recently which to my bad luck it was a very bad thing to do..


Well it’s simple, most of the people in the current expansion started playing the game early on the expansion meaning that everyone at the beginning started with the same amount of gear and the same amount of pretty much everything profession wise.

However when I came in… Everyone was fully geared and with professions to the max; inflating the prices of things in the auction house and just generally making it a lot harder for a player like me to catch up.

Not allowed to join the fun?

But the worst thing isn’t even that, the worst part is that in order to get some invited to guilds and raids I need to have some previous experience and show them my titles and achievements.

As you may know; people don’t invite other raiders to their group if they haven’t killed the bosses already being in normal or heroic difficulty.. It’s just the way it is.

In order to get into such raids and guilds you MUST have an achievement, otherwise they’ll simply not let you in. OR get some amazing gear, which is impossible if you don’t get invited to the raids in the first place.

This reminds me of the struggle to try to get a job without experience.

You have 2 choices now

So you can find a guild that’s still progressing and prove to them that you are an excellent player and try to get in with them that way.

You can do 2 things right now, you can either try the long way and maybe just maybe get into the best content within the game in the span of 4-5 months.


You can get some guild to boost you all the way through the achievements and titles and mounts in order to get you the most valuable ticket into the raiding world once and for all.

And what it really comes down to is getting your achievements and everything you need to have as soon as possible so that you can start getting invited to raids and guilds and actually experiencing the content of this game like you should.

Enter the LEGION Heroic and Mythic Raids

Faster than anyone else  with all the gear and perks of being an elite player

all the warlods lined up

Raiding services are done in a professional and clear cut manner. Our guilds have been raiding since vanilla WoW and they have just completed about pretty much every raid you can think. Raid gear and or slash loot is distributed by way of your spec/class. You are limited to that and only that. If there is another player who is of the same class and spec then you will roll for the loot.

Loot and or slash gear varies from raid to raid and the service you buy it for. If you buy for normal then you will get normal gear and or slash loot. The same principle applies for heroic or flexible you get the gear and or slash loot for that specific thing. So you can ssure we give all the loot to our buyers. Our guilds range from rank 3 in the U.S. all the way to rank 35 in the U.S. we have the largest network of pvp players too. Raid carries are the most popular thing on our site for sure.

Rbg boosting is super popular on the site next to the raid carries as well. PvE carries are just extraordinary if you compare them to anything the whole raiding experience for you is sure to be a one of a kind one. We offer the best in the market when it comes to PvE carries. The largest network of guilds are at our disposal and now its at yours whenever you buy a product. Raiding since molten core all the way to Naxxaramas the last tier in vanilla wow. Our guilds have conquered Illidan the Betrayer and even Kil’jaedan the deceiver in The Burning Crusade. From the Naxx rework to Arthas the lord of the scourge in Wrath of The Lich King in heroic difficulty. Deathwing on heroic difficulty and now Garrosh on heroic difficulty our guilds experience is just un matched by any other site that is available out there. We guarantee to provide you with the quality experience you deserve and will get it no matter what. The customer experience is everything to us and probably to you too.

Ensuring you get your product and your one of a kind service is what we stand for. Pve is the most popular and fascinating thing in the World of Warcraft and many people agree on it. That is why our Pve services matter to us so much. We love pve on this network just as or even more than some of our customers. Our passion for this game is what makes us who we are.

Every boss you can think of has been downed in heroic difficulty by our guilds and we thoroughly enjoy it. Our glory is yours when we share the raiding experiences of a lifetime with you, our customer.10 or 25 man we have it all for our raiders and ensure you will get the best raiding carry or boost whatver you want to call it, of a lifetime!

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