Full 670 Item Level Gear Set

This will give you the entire set for your spec from the heroic raid of Highmaul.

Keep in mind this might take more than 1 raid in a carry so if you select the self-play option (unlike the boost one) please make sure that you can meet the schedule of our raiders for all the raids.

full 670 gear set

Now it’s time to talk about the 670 full set of gear which will set you well on your way to get a chance to battle inside the Heroic Blackrock Foundry as well as even the normal Hellfire Citadel as it just opened recently within the new patch.

This means that you don’t have to do dungeons anymore, unless you got our previous gearing package that would skip all that grinding for you and just deliver you a ready to rock character.

With the opening of Blackrock Foundry you will find yourself participating in a lot more encounters as the days go by because the raid is huge and there are tons of bosses and content to do.

This also means that the deeper you go into the instance the harder the bosses are and you will NEED to have the best gear available for your character if you want to keep your raid spot and be competitive in the DPS or HPS meters with your guildies.

As a note here we’d like to add that our package takes just a couple days to be delivered to it’s entirely possible to get a full set of gear before your next scheduled raid, if both schedules align correctly.

blackhand fight

With this in mind we’ve developed a process for doing this really fast and really efficiently. Our World First guilds help us with this as you’ll be carried through instances and professions by none other than former and current world firsts that are at the top of their game when it comes to gearing and character optimization.

This serves as an entry point for you to try out the heroic Blackrock Foundry as well as the Hellfire Citadel, so have a look at our further packages that will gear you up even further while giving you achievements and amazing gear.