Get the best players in the game to carry you through the rated battle grounds gaining rating faster and easier than you would get it before. Our teams are the top rated players in the world constantly doing PvP at the highest caliber and are able to ensure your rating in a timely and professional manner. We also operate with completely secure playing structures that keep your account safe and untouched.

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  • Requirements will change in BFA!

Rating Boosts

Custom Rating Boost Quote

$50-600based on current and desired rating
  • Piloted or Selplay
  • Pick your current rating to desired rating
  • Up to 2400 Rating

Custom RBG Wins

Custom Rbg Wins Quote

  • Piloted or Self Play
  • Pick the amount of wins you want
  • Quote based on your current rating


*Services available in self-play and pilot mode

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How the Boost works:

Step 1: You decide which rating will suit you best for the rewards you’ll be given.

Step 2: Pick your region, faction, class and spec to play.

Step 3: Select if you want to receive your rewards via self play or piloted.

Step 4: Complete the order.

Step 5: We will contact you via in-game (make sure there is enough room in your friend-list), through skype or email to notify you of the time and day this will be performed.

Step 6: You show yourself at that time and day (can be changed as per your request / If self-play was selected).

Step 7: We take care of the rest.

High Rating Rated Battle Grounds

The thrill of playing in a big map where you face a 10 versus 10 match with equally skilled player as yourself is unmatched. High skill level players will boost your character through the rated battle grounds to achieve the highest and most reputable PvP rewards World of Warcraft has to offer.

For both alliance and horde our boosters deliver outstanding services and can carry your character through the harshest of games, countless months of experience combined from the best players in this game will ensure that your Hero title or Elite weapons and rewards are given.

The downtime of our highly skilled players is minimal and you will see for yourself how the best in this game play their classes. Obtaining High Warlord and Grand Marshal Titles for you. Keep in mind that these titles are only awarded to less than 0.1% of the entire player base, making them some of the rarest titles in the game.

rbg boost taking place

Self-Play vs Piloted Boosts

Rated battle-grounds offer different types of carries, the first one is self-play in which you are the one controlling your account at all times, while this can give you a great sense of security these are normally more expensive due to the increased time our boosters have to take to raise your rating; keep looking at our page here so you see when we enable these once a month and grant access to just a very few selected customers.

If you want to apply to be selected for self-play RBGs whenever they are ready then please send us an email through our contact page and request the information to be eligible.

The other method is Piloted and in here you give your account to one of our Rank 1 players and they will be in charge of playing your account as if it was theirs; this has the benefits of being much faster and much more efficient while also doing it for a much lower price than the previous method.

We keep these available throughout all the season and you don’t have to apply to be eligible for this type of RBG boost as they are incredibly easy and efficient to perform by our rank 1 players.

rated battlegrounds start

Security in Rated Battle Grounds

If you go for the piloted version of RBGs then you definitely have questions about the security of your account and for this we take extremely meticulous measures that enable us to have an edge over other services out there; our measure include but are not limited to: VPN, Secure Shell Connection, matching normal play-times, progressive and exponential rating gain, natural amount of losses, different team compositions per bracket, and much more.

This ensures that your account will never be compromised by our boosters at any time for the duration of the service.

Rank 1 Titles:

These are special as you can imagine and for the most part have an extra set of features and rules we provide, given the nature of the PvP ladders and the rating fluctuations dictating the cuts for the titles, we have to ensure that our customers get the title, so for these type of boosts we might have to retouch the service as the season progresses and when it’s soon to close so that your rating, title and rewards in the rated battle-grounds are secure and you won’t be left out of the rating cuts.