Our refund policy is as follows

– When can I get refunded? If you have not STARTED on the completion of your purchase you are eligible for a refund. For example you buy a product and you do NOT start your run you are eligible for a refund.

– What if my purchase is only half complete and I want to stop? You cannot get refunded in this situation since you are already in the run and have been scheduled.

*this is applicable for PvP services too, if you ordered a service and ask for a refund while it’s currently being done at the time when you asked for the refund then we can’t do a full refund.

-Gladiator, Rank 1 Arena and Hero titles are as follows:
Given that this product is of competitive nature and the cuts for these titles aren’t within our total control; we will boost up until the current cuts (when you made the purchase) for these titles and achievements HOWEVER as said previously we cannot control what happens at the end of the season and it’s impossible to predict how are the ratings going to change, we are not responsible if the ratings change dramatically making the cuts for these titles higher or lower making you get or not the title mentioned.

*These products have a unique rule for refunds due to the competitive nature of the product.

– What if my run is completed and I want a refund? Under no circumstance will a refund be available in this situation.

-What if blizzard strips me from my title/rating? Can I be compensated in any way or form?

Since every case is different in these situations we will try to work with you in order to compensate in some way, but we can’t ensure that every single case can be compensated given the fact that we do not have total control of the game. *please refer to the FAQ

For arena boosts if you get disqualified by Blizzard we CANNOT refund any amount as the boosters did their job to get it to a certain rating. You may have a huge discount on any future product as compensation

– What if I have an urgent emergency to attend to? Only under these situations will you be able to get the rest of the run completed at a following date given to you when you are available.

– NOT applicable if the refund is asked for 20 days or more after you made a purchase. It’s been over 20 days and the customer is on a wait list for a heroic run, may you cancel it and receive a refund? For this situation you may not receive a refund due to you already being on schedule and it can not be canceled. You may reschedule to fit the times and dates that are best fit for you.

*this overrides the previous refund policies due to the scheduling already being done.

-30 days after your order has been placed there will be no refunds with or without the order completion process being started; you’re buying a spot in our calendars and schedules which can’t be replaced.

– To issue a refund send us an email with your order number and battle-tag to from the same email the purchase was made.