galakras achievement run
The Reins of Galakras Achievement run through all 14 bosses of Siege of Orgrimmar done in the Flexible difficulty within a very specific manner. All loot for you class is up for grabs includes off specs.

Cost: $400

The Reins of Galakras mount is one of the most coveted mounts currently in the game. It has a Proto- Drake model that is unique and can be found nowhere else in the game.

You can obtain this mount by doing the meta achievements for Siege of Orgrimmar and it can be done on any difficulty even in LFR difficulty! You have to defeat a boss using a certain mechanic for each boss and it grants one achievement per boss.

Special Boss Mechanics for Galakras

So if you defeat Immerseus the first boss of the raid before he can form into the giant being of water, the guardian of Pandaria that he is you get his achievement. This applies to all the bosses as you can get all of them.

For the second boss of the instance to get the meta achievement you have to kill all three of them at the same time in a certain order within a certain amount of time. This can get rather tricky since you can only do so much before one re-spawns.

If you do manage to get all three of them down within the given time frame the you can enjoy that achievement! For the third boss of the raid which is an old Titan keeper that has been corrupted by Y’shaarj you have to free and cleanse him from the corruption before he dies from it, this is exclusively a healing fight.

For the fourth boss of the raid in order to get his achievement it is fairly simple, just nuke him down with all the cool-downs and kill him before his timer runs out. The fifth boss is one of the most tedious out of all the fights since you have to do way more mechanics than any other fight.

spawn of galakras mount

You have to kill the boss with a certain add up and kill the add and the boss at the same time with a buff and within the timer as well. Once you complete all 12 of the bosses then you can enjoy your Reins of Galakras mount!

Leading towards the end of the instance as well as a very unique and desired mount we have the Kor’kron Juggernaut mount which will set you apart from any other player as this can only be done in Heroic difficulty and soon it will be exclusively within Mythic difficulty as the pre-patch for Warlords of Draenor hits the live servers.

For this you have to kill the end boss which is Garrosh and you will be granted this unique and amazing mount that will definitely shine with your arsenal of mounts if it doesn’t become the most preferred mount you’ve ever had, simply because of how cool it looks.