LoL is a competitive game, and ELO is the indicator of which percentile you are at for the entire player base. If you’ve ever felt like you’re not matched with the players that are at your level, then you might benefit from elo boosting. If you have ever wondered about how boosting is done or how it works, then read on to find out.


There are many factors that come into play when trying to win an LoL game. To get to Diamond 1, you are going to have to go through tough opponents, and techniques and decision making is the key to winning games. Here are some of the things boosters do to ensure they win more games.

  • Getting more CS (Creep score): Getting the last hits on creeps is one of the most important things you can do as a player, no matter which lane you are in. A neat trick high elo players do when trying to deny their enemy a minion is by attacking them when they are going for a last hit. Also, if your champion is an oppressive laner, or if you have an advantage, you can zone the lane opponent out of the XP range by putting your champion between the clashing minion wave and your enemy. If you are pushed in, you will also need to learn the best techniques for your champions to take last hits in any circumstance.
  • Elo boosters avoid receiving free damage: Taking free damage is one way to ensure that you lose your lane, which can spiral to your lane opponent killing you and snowball their lead to win the game. Be mindful about your lane opponent’s auto attack and ability ranges. On the other hand, poking your lane opponent with your own poking ability is a good way to put pressure on them. Plus, if they are low on HP, they are less likely to go aggressive on you, meaning that you will actually be safer by being more aggressive. Knowing the balance to this is key to winning your lane.
  • They know which champions are good at carrying: It goes without saying that some champions in League are better than the other at carrying or taking over the game. Whether it’s because they have a high impact on teamfights, strong lane presence or high carry potential, they are all solid reasons as to why some elo boosters are able to climb so effectively. Also, roles that allow you to farm faster or control the pace of the game (such as mid lane or jungler) are less reliant on the team and are able to single-handedly make a difference to the game than say a support does. See our other articles to find out about what champions are in meta for boosting.
  • They know how to snowball in League of Legends: Taking advantage of any small misstep your opponent is making to take a CS lead or getting a kill is an obvious thing to do when you are boosting. The best boosters typically pick these champions that are able to beat their lane opponent consistently and roll over the entire enemy team. When you have the lead, you can take towers and objectives quickly and pressure the enemy to not be able to take a fight or farm effectively. If the enemy team doesn’t have a way to retaliate this pressure, you will most likely win the game. It’s a common boosting strategy to dominate the game that way.
  • Often ELO boosters are strong leaders: The ability to shot-call effectively will significantly win you more games. By knowing when to push, retreat, farm, fight, take objectives like Baron or Dragon and go back to base, you will have a clear goal in what you should be doing at all times. Being able to communicate that to the team will make the team move more as a unit, and it will result more often times than not, in a win.

All in all, the most important things for elo boosters is the ability to make the right decision, utilize the right strategy and champion to win consistently, no matter what enemy champion they face. Being a good leader who doesn’t get salty or tilted is also a huge indicator of your ability to carry ranked games alone. 


It’s worth in many ways:

  • You can experience first hand how it’s to play on high elo league. Playing against players whose skill is higher than yours is the best way to improve your own league of legends performance.
  • In case you have low MMR, elo boosting is a great way to fix that.
  • You can show your friends how high you climbed and then just play normals.
  • If you don’t have much to play League of Legends but you know that your real league is higher than current then elo boosting is an option.