If you have any poker background or knowledge you’ll know immediately what it is and you’ll be able to relate to this 100% and even know how to avoid it for better growth as a player in any game.

So for those of you who don’t know, “tilting” refers to what you go through when you run bad streaks or even when you are running exceptionally well. Usually happens when you run bad, because it just happens more often than running particularly well.

When this happens to your game you go through… to put it lightly… rage. And this is not good at all, when this happens you play differently than what you normally play and what you know will help you progress.

Now in League of Legends the most that can happen is losing a few divisions but in Poker this means losing money, so you’re safer playing league of legends than poker at least.

You become infuriated and you try and do things that you normally wouldn’t, and given that you have no experience doing these things you will end up losing more than you win, this is a spiral downward that will affect you tremendously and you will see your ELO go backwards incredibly quick while you are tilting.

Remember that you have to stick to your plan (that we talked in the previous blog here) and you will find yourself making slow and steady progress, instead of raging and going mental on the games and your team-mates who frankly have no fault at all that you are playing bad just because you are angry.
So remember to “keep your cool” at all times.

Now this can also happen the other way around, and you can tilt when you are running exceptionally well and you will find that you try things that you haven’t tried before and start playing well above your skills and doing things that you know you are not capable of pulling off.

For a moment it’s good and you’re winning with tons of confidence but you’ll soon run into a wall that believe me hits really hard. And then… you start to run bad and you won’t be able to explain yourself why you are losing now if you were doing so good and start to think that something must be wrong because you are better than this, given that you were playing better just a few hours ago.

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize when you are tilting. I will tell you the story of a friend many years ago during the 2nd season. He was a Platinum 1 player who had recently went through a tragic breakup with his girlfriend and had a lot more time to play League of Legends than he used to and slowly his ELO began to fall until he was Platinum 5. He started to blame the new updates to the game, new champions, anything he could blame. When he found a new girlfriend and started to go out more and played less, his game actually improved. He only partook when he was in a positive mood and thus his elo improved and he got to Platinum 1 again and the complaining stopped. He was not aware of the change and as oblivious to how bad he was tilting. In some cases, you may be completely aware you are tilting and decide to “double-down” and keep playing, chasing your losses. It doesn’t work in gambling and it certainly won’t in a skill based game like League of Legends.

You see why tilting is bad in both ways? So don’t! Keep your cool in all moments and you will be just fine playing League of Legends at your current ELO.

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