Trial of Valor

The Trial of Valor challenges the true strength of all who take the test. It is hosted by Odyn the lord of the Valajar and Valhalla. The trial of Valor opens on on November 8th of 2016 we will begin Trial of Valor boosting as soon as it is out. Everybody knows that this raid is one of the most unique ones since wrath of the Lich King. Lore-wise it sums up the story of Helya and Odyn the two strongest creatures in the Broken Isles, they control the world of the Undead and Heaven. Odyn sits atop the throne in Valhalla watching the strongest warrior in the Warcraft universe.

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  • Full Clear
  • Personal Loot
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement
  • Completed in 1-2 hours


  • Full Clear
  • Master Loot
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement
  • Completed in 1-2 hours


  • Full Clear
  • All Loot (ML)
  • Self Play
  • No ilevel requirement
  • Completed in 2-3 hours

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Benefits to purchasing Trial of Valor on Mythic/Heroic?

  • Achievements from the raid including a Feat of Strength one.
  • Ahead of the Curve before it goes away next raid tier.
  • You will get 870(heroic) 885(mythic) 860(normal)+ item level gear inside the raid.
  • Unique transmog gear set which becomes harder to get later in the expansion.
  • Artifact Power depending on your Artifact Knowledge Level.
  • Last but not least.. a chance for a Legendary!

get to experience a raid while it’s fresh and while it’s current with a top guild!

Requirements for Trial of Valor:

  • Level 110 character…

Thats it! You are not required to be a certain ilvl or share your account info unless you order a piloted boost.

We only ask for login and password to access the account come raid time. We will never ask you for anything else.
If you won’t be around during raid time try and get the unlocking process done with your assigned booster.

More information about Trial of Valor.
Trial of Valor is a raid that is dropping an exclusive transmog set. This transmog set will become less available as the expansion goes on since people will not want to do it as much. We sell it on heroic/mythic/normal and the transmog set drops on all difficulties.

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Helya is one of the banished creatures and is stuck in Hellheim forever opposing Odyn’s every word. They are long and bitter rivals who seek out to destroy each other but cannot since they are bound to other dimensions. Odyn has had a long history with Helya and he seeks the help of you the adventurer to destroy her.

This is why you need a trial of valor boost in order to defeat Helya and banish her once and for all. You are not only going to face Helya but Odyn himself, if you can prove to be a worthy competitor and defeat him on the throne in Skyhold then you are worthy and strong enough to go and face Helya herself.

The trial of valor boost is one of the shorter raids but it does not make it any less important whatsoever than a full raid. The lore that is happening inside the raid sums up one of the main Legion story lines and it is a raid that everyone has to experience since they quested through Stormheim.

The questing in Stormheim is what prepares you for the trial of valor boost and raid.. you have already been sunk into the depths of Hellheim, met Guarm and Helya as well. What we do know is that Guarm is Helya’s most beloved pet and a formidable foe himself. He is strong enough to wipe out anyone that comes to his path and is not to be taken lightly.

The trial of valor boost this time around is pretty exclusive since the raid offers a very exclusive set of transmog gear that will not drop anywhere else except within the Tiral of Valor. The last opponent in the raid is none other than Helya herself.

She is one of the strongest bosses that we have ever faced. Helya is the ruler of Hellheim and the final boss of Trial of Valor. She has made a pact with the current Horde leader Sylvannas and has betrayed Odyn and all of the council in Skyhold for her own gain. She became a banished creature and is now in charge of the undead world. All the Valkyr and all the evil creatures in Azeroth who are proven to be scum and worthless are eternally banished into Hellheim where Helya watches over them. Make sure not to miss out on your trial of valor carry!