Some of you might ask this quite often and think that some sites are overpriced as well as think that some sites charge so low that they might not be legit, which is common, we’ve all seen this in different products and services.
Which leads me to believe that there is some lack of understanding in how the service someone buys such as Lol Boosting has a lot to do with the perception of how much that product or service really costs.

As you might all know this is done manually, with professional players that want to earn some extra cash. Challenger players that want some extra income doing what they love, which is playing League of Legends, and that’s good, that’s amazing!

You have to keep in mind that the only players that can achieve this are the top of the lines in the game, the actual challengers and sometimes not even diamond 1’s qualify to perform this task.

With that in mind I hope you realize that we do not have a team of boosters that work a 9 to 5 to do this, they wouldn’t be as good if we had a team of people doing this over and over for a living (although some players definitely make a living out of this and they live better than most professionals that graduated college and work an actual 9 to 5).

This means that the boosters while being pushed by the companies (us) to finish things in time and to be as communicative as possible, they just aren’t, they aren’t salesman or support staff that will understand everything you want to be done, they’re there for one reason and one reason only, that is to play League of Legends, and we want to keep it that way.

So when you think about the true cost of elo boosting then you might want to think about time, about how much if a certain boosters were to win game after game, how much he’d take to complete the “Mission” of raising your lol mmr rating/division/elo/whatever.

You are now paying literally for the time of a challenger player, and as you might imagine, it’s something extremely valuable that you must consider whenever you see a price you might not agree with.

Most websites, including ours are only keeping a small fee and giving almost everything to the boosters to ensure that the service is done as quick as possible.

Gauging the price of an ELO boost all depends on what type of elo boost you get and what your starting rank is. It is mainly determined by these factors alone and your current LP also plays a role but it is much minor than the ones listed here. If you want a higher role and are starting out from a lower elo such as bronze to diamond then you can expect the cost to be really high since that takes up a lot of time and a whole lot of effort from our players. We go ahead and boost you until what you bought is done playing non stop every single day, all of the players are diamond master or challenger so they can do any sort of boost no matter how high or tough it is. Duo boosting with a challenger makes the game a bit harder for him since he has to play around your role which could be his main one. If that’s also your main role then you could be forced into playing something you don’t like causing more losses by feeding and making the games that much harder. Most are able to play around it and is not that big of a deal most of the time.