Uldir Halls of Control is the first raid in the new expansion Battle for Azeroth. Uldir was once an ancient titan facility home to one of the strongest old gods that we know of. The Zandalari have were charged in maintaining and keeping control of the facility, but they too have been corrupted by the old god that dwells beneath. Uldir is listed to have 8 bosses, and is supposed to be one of the largest dungeons released at the start of the expansion.

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Elitist Gaming is only using the US top 100 guilds to boost Uldir, Halls of Control early on.

We’re going to provide the raid in normal and heroic mode the same week of release. Uldir on the beta testing realms is an extremely hard raid even on heroic mode so most people wont be able to pug it.

Uldir Halls of Control was an ancient Titan laboratory, it is where the Titans made experiments to fight the old gods and try to cure their corruption. While experimenting however, the titan created something that even they thought was bad. Something that was a total accident, that they didn’t foresee breaking their prison seals.

G’huun was created by the titans and is now worshiped by the Zandalari as a Blood Good.Inside Uldir Halls of Control carry, if you think you can take down G’huun with a pug on heroic mode, without any nerfs at all then you are a top 1000 player in the game.

This raid was designed to be the most coordinated intensive raid of all time for a release raid in an expansion. G’huun’s corruption slowly seeps throughout the Island of Zandalari, destroying everything in its path just like the emerald nightmare did in val’shara.

WoW Uldir Carry – Halls of Control Mythic Heroic and Normal:

G’huun seals are just like Yogg Sarons in Ulduar. He has 3 seals that the titan placed on him in order to keep him contained after all the torture and experimentation that the titans placed on him. With 2 of his 3 seals broken he is free to reign chaos across the entire continent of Zandalar.

Getting an Uldir carry will help you beat G’huun in a way that no other service offers witha US top 100 guilds. G’huun however may be the last boss, there is a bigger threat out there, something far more powerful than him. The true old god N’Zoth is still biding his power and getting stronger every day.

He has sent one of his envoys to Uldir Halls of Control boost in order to scout out new Titan technology for his benefit. The herald is one of the bosses in Uldir and his name is Zek’Voz. Zek’Voz is one of the generals of the Old Gods, having left a mountain of skulls and rivers of blood during the wars of old.

If this isnt a reason to get an Uldir Halls of control boost then really what is? The Old Gods and the Blood Gods are trying to lay their claim on Azeroth when it is most exposed.

With Sargeras’ last act and planting his planet sized sword deep into the heart of Azeroth, the Old and Blood gods are more powerful than ever. The heart of Azeroth itself is bleeding and its power is being drained from the world soul.

The Old Gods have sensed this weakness and N’Zoth especially is growing incredibly powerful. Get an Uldir carry in order to vanquish the corruption from the world and save it from the evil that lurks beneath.

N’Zoth tried to use Deathwing the Aspect of Death to do out his bidding but was unsuccessful in doing so do to his madness. Now he himself is going to come out of the depths in order to try and deal the death blow to Azeroth himself.

Uldir Halls of Control Boost
Mythic, Heroic, Normal Uldir HOC

If you want to beat this raid in either normal heroic or mythic mode, the best and most painless route to go with would be an Uldir Halls of control boost.

Eight challenging bosses and is supposed to be one of the hardest raids ever, this raid is not to be messed with. The experimental Old God can destroy the entire world and even rival the real Old God N’Zoth.

Escape the madness that the Old Gods can bring to the world by defeating them in the domain of the titans. When the Old Gods are weakened even mortals are able to destroy them from existence. Buying a Uldir carry is going to ensure the survival of the world.

Once this raid is complete, Blizzard has said that the next raid is going to contain a boss that we’ve been waiting for, for at least 12 years. Azshara is going to come out of the depths with her Naga army to try and conquer Azeroth just like she died in the first war of the ancients. However if we let the Old Gods return then all is for nothing and Azshara will become unstoppable.

Buy an Uldir Halls of Control boost to defeat the enemies of Azeroth and stop this from happening at all.